Natural Hazards

Natural hazards and severe weather impact the residents of Massachusetts each year. Learn how to better prepare yourself, your family, and your community.

Other Threats

As well as preparing for natural hazards and harsh weather, Massachusetts residents should also be aware of man-made threats (intentional or accidental) and public health emergencies. These events can be smaller in scale, but may have an enormous impact on communities. By understanding the risks of these hazards, you can better prepare yourself, your family, and your community.

Power Outages

Hazardous Materials Incident

Nuclear Emergencies


Public Health Emergencies

While certain steps can help you prepare for any emergency, such as assembling an emergency kit and developing a family emergency plan, it is important to learn about the potential effects of specific hazards. This can inform how you prepare yourself and your household, and increase your ability to handle and recover from natural hazards and severe weather incidents.