The HMGP provides funds to States, territories, Indian Tribal governments and communities after a disaster to significantly reduce or permanently eliminate future risk to lives and property from natural hazards.

Funding for hazard mitigation plans and projects is intended to reduce overall risks to the population and structures, while also reducing the reliance on taxpayer-funded federal assistance for disaster recovery. State & local governments, tribal organizations and certain private non-profits may be eligible to apply with projects that can include storm-water upgrades, drainage and culvert improvements, property acquisition, slope stabilization, infrastructure protection, seismic and wind retrofits, structure elevations, etc. 

This HMGP funding is available to all communities in the Commonwealth that meet the sub-applicant and project eligibility requirements. Federal funding for this grant program is available following a major disaster declaration if requested by the Governor. HMGP funds are available based on a percentage of the total Public Assistance and Individual Assistance programs. 

FEMA’s hazard mitigation grant programs are not intended as a source of funding for repair, replacement or deferred maintenance activities, but are designed to assist sub-applicants in developing long-term, cost-effective improvements that will reduce or eliminate risk/damage to people and property from the effects of natural hazards.  Projects that address operation, deferred or future maintenance, repairs or replacement (without a change in the level of protection provided) of existing structures, facilities, or infrastructure (e.g., dredging, debris removal, replacement of obsolete utility systems, bridges and facility repair/rehabilitation) are not considered eligible mitigation grant activities.

Application period: OPEN

HMGP grant briefings will be held September 15 & 16, 2015. For briefing details and more information, please see: Grants Available Memo - August 2015  pdf format of Grants Available Memo - August 2015

Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Grant Briefing Presentation  pdf format of Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Grant Briefing Prese
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How to Apply:

Applicants apply for HMGP directly via a downloadable PDF application. 

Download the DR 4214 HMGP application here: DR 4214 HMGP Application  docx format of DR 4214 HMGP Application
file size 3MB  FEMA Assurances Package 2015  pdf format of FEMA Assurances Package 2015

All Mitigation Grant program applications require a completed Benefit-cost analysis (BCA) to be submitted with the application for funding. For more information and instructions on BCA, visit the Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) webpage.

Mitigation Grant Guidance: Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Unified Guidance

Mitigation Grant Program Resources Flyer  docx format of Mitigation Grant Program Resources Flyer