MEMA has an extensive stockpile of deployable resources and personnel to assist local jurisdictions and state and federal agencies for field response capabilities. The equipment, along with field personnel, possess technological, operational, and logistical capabilities to support a large variety of needs.

These deployable resources can support training and exercises, planned events, and disaster/emergency incidents on a 24/7/365 basis.

Contact your MEMA Regional Office or MEMA Headquarters Dispatch at 508-820-2000 to get more information or request these deployable resources.

Different deployable assets such as Mobile Communications Support Trailer, Mobile Satellite Trailer, Mobile Generator Trailer, Mobile Field Tent Trailer, Mobile Field Staging Trailer & Human Shelter Supplies Trailers

MEMA has two Mobile Emergency Operations Centers pdf format of Mobile Emergency Operations Centers (MEOC)
file size 1MB (MEOC-1 and MEOC-2). The MEOCs are fully outfitted and ready for deployment for responses and planned events where a command post is needed.

The Mobile Communications Support Trailer (MCST) pdf format of Mobile Communications Support Trailer (MCST)
is specially equipped to provide interoperable communications in fringed or non-existent coverage areas of a disaster or event.

The Mobile Satellite Trailer (MSAT) pdf format of Mobile Satellite Trailer (MSAT)
is a specialized satellite communications asset that can provide communications support in areas with no cellular coverage. The MSAT can serve as a mobile hub for four dedicated satellite phone lines and has internet capability for up to five computers. It is self-sufficient, with its own diesel generator power source.

MEMA has an extensive inventory of 800MHz portable radios that can be deployed for planned events or during an emergency. 

The Mobile Generator Trailer (MGT) is a towable power solution that provides 20 kW of electric power. This generator can be easily towed and has the ability to simultaneously power both MEOCs, the Mobile Field Tent (MFT)  transportable HVAC unit, and the MCST.

The Mobile Field Tent Trailer (MFT) contains equipment to augment MEMA’s other deployable assets, including a Zumro inflatable shelter/tent, a Western Shelter Systems tent, portable gas generators, a portable heating/air-conditioning unit, tables, chairs, extension cords, and safety cones.

The Mobile Field Staging Trailer (MFST) contains equipment and supplies for state staging areas. This includes snow throwers, shovels, spill kits, portable traffic signs and cones, tables, chairs, extension cords, gloves, and hand warmers.

The Human Shelter Supplies Trailers (HST) are outfitted with supplies to support 100 personnel at a shelter. These supplies include cots, cribs, blankets, pillows, comfort kits, etc.

The Animal Shelter Supplies Trailer (AST) are available to augment an animal shelter. This trailer contains animal bowls, cages, crates, gloves, cat litter boxes, control leads, puppy pads, paper towels, trash bags, tab bands, safety glasses, Tyvek coveralls, snow fencing, etc.

The Western Shelter Systems Tent pdf format of Western Shelter Systems Tent
can be rapidly deployed to provide a large outdoor operational footprint. It can be used as an operations center, community outreach center, medical tent, etc. The tent can be outfitted with external HVAC equipment to provide a comfortable working environment.

To request any of MEMA’s deployable assets, contact your MEMA Regional Office or MEMA Dispatch at 508-820-2000.

MEMA’s Duty Officer acts as the initial contact point between MEMA Headquarters Communication Center and an emergency situation. The Duty Officer obtains detailed information about a specific incident, helps determine the severity of the incident, and notifies the proper agency personnel.

The Duty Officer is available during non-working hours (nights, weekends and holidays) to receive and make necessary emergency notifications. Each member of the on-call team serves for a one-week period from Friday to Friday. MEMA’s Response and Field Services Section Chief covers the duty during business hours.  

The Duty Officer receives notifications of possible emergencies primarily from MEMA HQ dispatchers, but may also get notifications from other state agencies, automatic notification systems, local officials, media, or the public. Once informed, the Duty Officer must evaluate the situation and determine whether to directly communicate with the impacted community or responsible agency. MEMA’s Duty Officer uses the roster of available staff to assist in the response, if necessary.

MEMA’s local coordinators serve as the day-to-day conduit between communities and MEMA. They also serve as MEMA’s field responders during a local emergency or incident.

The local coordinator gathers information and provides situational awareness to managers, senior staff, operations personnel, and other state agencies. The local coordinator is also available to help local jurisdictions receive state assistance when necessary.