MEMA grant programs share Common Grant Administration Requirements which Subrecipients must be aware of and adhere to regardless of the specific MEMA grant program to which they are applying. Grants offered through MEMA are typically funded through federal sources that allow MEMA to pass-through dollars to eligible Subrecipients (Cities, towns, certain non-profits, state agencies). Subrecipients must meet state and federal requirements when receiving and expending MEMA grants, as well as maintain their own internal controls and procedures in compliance with local by-laws and requirements. The links below provide information related to MEMA Grant Legal Requirements and Common Application/Administrative materials for all MEMA grants, as well as links to the actual documents/requirements described.

Laws, Regulations, and Requirements

Below please find key federal and state requirements related to MEMA grants.  These requirements are incorporated into MEMA grant applications and contracts, but are listed here as a Subrecipient resource for detailed information

2 CFR 200: Comprehensive federal regulations that apply to recipients and subrecipients of federal grant dollars. Familiarity with 2 CFR 200 is critical to managing grants in compliance with federal requirements.  

815 CMR 2.00 pdf format of 815-2_Grants.pdf
: State regulations that apply to MEMA administration of grants

815 R 9.00 pdf format of 815 CMR 9.00: Debt Collection and Intercept
: State regulations regarding Debt Collection procedures

The forms below constitute the base application materials required for all MEMA grants.  Each should be reviewed, printed, and submitted along with all other required program application materials.  

State Standard Contract pdf format of standard_contract_frm.pdf
: Required contract document that must be executed for all grants. 

State Terms and Conditions pdf format of comm_TermsConditions.pdf
: (may be on file for existing Subrecipients) must be completed in order to receive any funding from MEMA.  

W-9 Form pdf format of newMass_W9.pdf
: Tax ID and DUNS number required for payment.  

EFT Authorization: MEMA funds must be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer based on information provided on this form. 

Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing Form  docx format of Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing Form
: Subrecipient authorization for signatory on all grant forms.  

Federal Assurances  pdf format of Federal Assurances
: Required for Construction, Non-Construction, and Ant-lobbying activities.  

FFATA Reporting Form  doc format of FFATA Reporting Form
: Required for all Subrecipients expending $25,000 or more in MEMA grant funds

SPARQ Form  doc format of SPARQ Form
: Completion of form and submission of required information for all Subrecipients.