Preparedness Cycle: Plan, Organized Equipment, Train, Exercise, and  Evaluate/Improve

Training and exercises are a vital component in helping emergency response agencies and their communities strengthen public safety and preparedness capabilities. Each year, MEMA works to create a comprehensive Training and Exercise Plan (TEP) that guides MEMA’s training program and highlights the training needs of the emergency management community. MEMA strives to enhance the emergency preparedness of its communities through this comprehensive all-hazard training and exercise program.

A comprehensive training and exercise program improves operational readiness, reveals planning gaps and resource limitations, bolsters coordination, clarifies roles and responsibilities, and enhances individual performance.

The training and exercise program is a cyclical process that focuses on five key areas:

  • Training: Provide awareness, operational, and technical instruction to improve responder knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Exercise: Demonstrate capabilities gained through new training and identify additional training needs.
  • Planning: Validate existing plans, policies, and procedures, Automatic and Mutual Aid Agreements to determine effectiveness, adequacy, and applicability.
  • Organizing/Equipping: Demonstrate capability and responder proficiency on new equipment, identify resource gaps, and improve interoperability.
  • Improvement Planning: Identify lessons learned to include sustainment and areas needing  improvement.