82nd RTT Candidate Information Page

Last Updated 09/29/2015


  A Message From Colonel Timothy P. Alben pdf format of 82nd-RTT-Message_From-the-Col

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Important Notice Concerning Appointment Eligibility

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) Chapter 22C, section 10 any person who was age 35 on or before the final date for the filing of the 2013 Police Office Examination, (April 1, 2013) was not eligible to take the competitive examination for appointment for the Massachusetts State Police.  Consequently, any such person will not be considered eligible for appointment consideration.

Trainee Information

82nd RTT Appointment List pdf format of 82nd RTT Appointment List

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Administrative Notices

82nd RTT Measurements Sheet pdf format of 82nd RTT Measurements Sheet

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Tattoo Information - Article 10


Questions and Answers pdf format of 82nd-RTT-Frequently-Asked-Questions-Eligibility-List