Call 911

E9-1-1 Call Recording Information


Who can request a 9-1-1 recording?


By statute MGL Chapter 166 §14A (d), caller information may not be released to anyone but the caller or a law enforcement investigator (including the district attorneys).  Third parties may not receive information on a 911 call, either voice or caller ID (the cell number).


What may be requested?


Call reports capture the caller ID, date, time, duration, dispatcher ID, call transfer location and tower location of the call. 

Voice recordings are captured up to the point that the dispatcher disconnects from the call, after the transfer.  Calls transferred to a local jurisdiction may be requested from that jurisdiction.  Calls transferred to State Police barracks are not recorded at the barracks level. 

Radio transmissions may be requested if the emergency incident involved the State Police.  Not all radio frequencies are recorded. 


In what format are recordings made?


911 calls and radio transmission recordings are burned to a disk in a “.wav file” format.  The disk can be played on a computer but not on a CD player.  If requesting a recording and the file size is under 10 megabytes, the file may be sent in an email. 


How far back is information kept?


By statute Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) are required to maintain recordings for one year.  Some information is available from the State Police that is older than one year but requests for calls older than one year must be researched on a case by case basis to determine availability.


Is there a cost to request a recording?


There currently is no charge for requesting 911/radio recordings.


How do I request a recording?


All requests must be in writing.  Links are below for the official request form in both a WORD format or PDF format.  Forms may be

  • mailed to State Police Headquarters, Attn: Joanne Carney, 470 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01702
  • faxed to 508-820-2359 or
  • emailed to  Allow 2-3 weeks for the CD to arrive in the mail.  If you have a pending court date or need your request expedited for any reason, please note that on your request.

E911 Recording Request  pdf format of E911 Recording Request

E911 Recording Request - Word  docx format of E911 Recording Request - Word