Lt. Robert H. Leverone, Commanding Officer

State Police Special Emergency Response Team

  • The mission of the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) is to provide requesting agencies with a highly trained and dedicated field force available on short notice for: lost person searches, civil disturbances, special event crowd management, site security or other situations where a cohesive and disciplined unit of law enforcement officers is critical to the success of the mission.

  • Falling under the Division of Tactical Operations, SERT is comprised of fifty State Police officers drawn from barracks around The Commonwealth ensuring timely response to critical incidents.

  • All members of SERT are specially equipped and expertly trained in all aspects of lost person and evidence searches including, but not limited to; search incident management, search methodology, land navigation, search and rescue team leader certifications, pathfinder techniques and real world knowledge from more than three hundred search missions.

  • SERT is the best trained, most experienced and most successful law enforcement search and rescue team in Massachusetts. It is nationally recognized for its work in the Molly Bish case as well as dozens of other high profile searches.

  • SERT is also expertly trained in crowd control and riot suppression and is a recognized training entity for these skills to not only the state police, but to many other law enforcement agencies, including municipal and college departments throughout Massachusetts.

  • Every SERT member is trained in rapid deployment from squad, platoon or cruiser configurations and is proficient in defensive tactics, use of specialty control devices, arrest and or dispersal of violent and non-violent protesters, measures to counter the latest tactics used in civil disturbances and cross-trained to work with canine and mounted units.

  • SERT is available to requesting law enforcement agencies throughout Massachusetts and New England on a twenty-four hour a day basis. Requests for deployment should be directed to the State Police Communications Section in Framingham, Massachusetts at 508-820-2121.

State Police Special Emergency Response Team at Fenway Park

Photo by Jay Connor

State Police Special Emergency Response Team doing crowd control

Photo by Jay Connor

State Police Special Emergency Response Team searching the woods

Photo by MSP Crime Scene Services

Special Emergency Response Team - historical photo circa 2003

Historical photo circa 2003

State Police Special Emergency Response Team apprehending a suspect