The Massachusetts State Police STOP Team is a well-trained, disciplined, professional tactical team prepared to respond to any crisis in the New England region. Since 1971 the STOP Team has met this responsibility responding to armed barricaded subjects, hostage situations, serving high-risk warrants, dignitary protection and riot control. The STOP Team has successfully resolved many incidents with other MSP specialized units such as the hostage negotiation team, K-9 Unit, Airwing, SERT Team, Investigation Services and Marine Section.
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Placing a premium on teamwork, the STOP Team constantly provides tactical support and trains with agencies on the local, state and federal/military level.  STOP Team members are certified as operators with the New England State Police Administrator Conference (NESPAC) only after successful completion of 80 hours at the basic and advanced tactical school.

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Training and sustainment of core competencies is a continuing effort for the STOP Team.  Team members attend seminars and training events nationwide.  Members are certified in many tactical disciplines associated with high risk operations to include:

  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Enhanced Conventional Weapons
  • Maritime Interdiction
  • CSX Tactical Rail Operations
  • Prevention and Response to Bombing Incidents
  • NESPAC Basic/Advanced Sniper School

All STOP Team members are proficient in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and work in partnership with the UMASS Medical Center to provide on-scene medical treatment.

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In addition, the STOP Team continues to provide training and instruction to agencies in response to the active shooter.  The active shooter program was developed and implemented by the STOP Team after the tragic series of school and work place shootings which resulted in mass killing and continues to be a likely threat.

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Team Commander Sergeant Aaron V. Washington can be contacted at 978-772-8800. Team members reside throughout the Commonwealth for quick response to calls for service.

Law enforcement agency requests for emergency response by the STOP Team can be made through MSP General Headquarters at 508‑820‑2121 or by calling the nearest State Police installation.