The Office of Media Relations is assigned to the Office of the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent. We are responsible for providing the public with timely and accurate information regarding the State Police's crime prevention initiatives, law enforcement efforts and public safety measures. As a result, we provide public information to media outlets by generating news releases, holding press conferences and providing spokespersons to ensure that the public is continuously kept aware of our activities and services.

The Department is committed to fostering a relationship of mutual trust, cooperation and respect with the public. Providing information to media outlets is an important aspect of achieving this goal - so is offering a topical, customer-centric on-line source of information. The Office of Media Relations is also responsible for maintaining a comprehensive, integrated, web-based gateway to the State Police's resources and activities.

Contact Information:
Weekdays 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM: (508) 820-2623
Weekends & Holidays: (508) 820-2121


Colonel Mark Delaney