A-4 SP Medford 520 Fellsway
Medford, MA 02155
(781) 396-0100

Station A-4, Medford, sits adjacent to Wellington Circle at Route 16 and 28 while bordering McDonald-Tolbert Park. Built in the 1960's and called "the Fells" as part of the Metropolitan District Commission Police Department, it was renamed H-3 in the 1992 merger until troop realignment in 1994 brought the station to Troop "A" for a permanent name of A-4 Medford. The original Middlesex Fells Station was located in the Roosevelt Circle area of Medford and provide police coverage of the Middlesex Fells, Alewife Brook and Mystic River Reservations from the late 1800's to the mid 1950's. During the construction of Rte 93 in the mid 1950's, the original station was torn down and rebuilt at it's current location. The station area covers over 70 square miles in 9 densely populated cities and towns. Within this station area are the heavily traveled Routes of 93,16 and 60, combined with over 5500 acres of DCR park reservations, recreational areas, and DCR roads of the Middlesex Fells and Mystic Valley Parkways. Dynamically, this station encompasses a dense population with some of the best recreational areas in the state, making it quite a diverse station for its location.

A-4 Patrol Area

Cities/Towns patrolled by SP Medford: