B-6 SP Northampton 555 North King Street
Northampton, MA 01060
Telephone: (413) 584-3000

Station B-6, Northampton was built in 1931, to replace the former State Police outpost for Western Massachusetts, a converted, and outdated, residence and barn in the Leeds section of Massachusetts. This new structure, a three-story brick colonial, serves as the Troop B headquarters, as well as the SP Northampton sub-station. It is situated on Routes 5 & 10 and is located with easy access Interstate Route 91. With the construction of the interstate highway systems in the 1960s, the station added highway patrol functions to its duties of rural road patrols and responding to the local towns' needs for policing. The Station serves 17 cities and towns consisting of 400 square miles. The station also provides services to six colleges and universities including the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, which boasts a yearly enrollment of 24,000 students.

B-6 Patrol Area

Cities/Towns patrolled by SP Northampton:
EasthamptonHolyokeSouth HadleyWhately