C-1 SP Athol 2289 Main Street
Athol, MA 01331
Telephone: (978) 249-4341

The Athol Barracks, designated as "C-1," was built in 1934 and sits astride what was once Route 2 (now Route 2A). Situated just above Downtown Athol, the Barracks then provided full-time policing for many of the communities in its station area. As the area has become more populated, the Barracks' role as the primary policing agency for most has changed, but for some, the Barracks is still a much relied upon policing provider. For the larger communities, the Athol Barracks still provides a rapid and reliable source of additional manpower through its regular compliment of men and women and is the area's nexus for the deployment of the Departments many other specialized resources. Prior to the current Athol building becoming operational, Station C-1 was also located in nearby Petersham and Westminster. Over the years the number of municipalities serviced by the Athol Barracks has changed, but today 15 cities and towns rely on the Athol Barracks, creating the largest geographic State Police station area in the Commonwealth. While modern Route 2, much of which is designated as the "Mohawk Trail," provides the main conduit from east to west in northern Massachusetts and is the Barracks' primary responsibility, there are several rural State highways that fall under its jurisdiction creating a blend of suburb and wilderness that may change as quickly as a turn in the road.

C-1 Patrol Area

Cities/Towns patrolled by SP Athol:
AshburnhamNew SalemRoyalstonWestminster