For Immediate Release - October 10, 2013

Oct 04: Domestic Assault Suspect Caught After Trying to Hide in Aqueduct

A Worcester man who tried to break into his ex-girlfriend’s house while armed with scissors was arrested last night after an alert State Trooper chased him on foot and a State Police K-9 found the suspect hiding in a drainage tunnel.

Trooper Sergio Figueiredo, who is assigned to the Brookfield Barracks, was on patrol when he heard a radio transmission that Worcester Police were responding to a home on Williamsburg Drive in Worcester. Reports indicated that at that location, a man was yelling and waving what appeared to be a knife while trying to gain entry to the residence. The trooper responded to the Washington Heights Apartment Complex to assist responding Worcester patrols. When Trooper Figueiredo arrived on-scene, he observed a man matching the description of the suspect walking down Williamsburg Drive between two buildings.

The trooper exited his cruiser and made eye contact with the suspect, later identified as MIGUEL ROLON, 53, of Worcester. ROLON turned and began to run away. As he did so, Trooper Figueiredo observed what appeared to be a knife in the suspect’s hand. The trooper began running after the suspect, ordering him to stop and drop the knife while he ran. ROLON did not comply and continued to run. The suspect hopped a fence and ran into a wood line between Williamsburg Drive and the next street.

A perimeter was established, and Massachusetts State Police K-9 Section Trooper Brian Frechette and his partner, Nanuk, responded to assist in the search. Troopers Figueiredo and Frechette and K-9 Nanuk began to track ROLON through the woods when they came to a large drain that led to an aqueduct tunnel. Nanuk alerted to the drain and led the troopers into the tunnel. Inside the tunnel, the dog alerted to ROLON hiding in a small opening leading up to a manhole cover. The troopers and Nanuk apprehended the suspect. Other troopers and Worcester officers then responded and helped secure the suspect. In the area where ROLON had been hiding, police found a pair of scissors, which were taken into evidence.

Follow-up investigation by troopers and officers revealed that ROLON had sent text messages to his ex-girlfriend stating he would kill her if she did not let him into her residence. ROLON had tried to gain access to the home through a screen door and windows.

ROLON was taken to Mary Lane Hospital in Ware after complaining of pain. He was evaluated, treated and released, and taken to the Brookfield Barracks for booking. He was charged with the following offenses:

  1. Assault with a dangerous weapon;
  2. Resisting arrest;
  3. Attempting to commit a crime;
  4. Threatening to commit a crime;
  5. Breaking and entering in the nighttime to commit a felony;
  6. Entering at nighttime while armed; and
  7. Domestic assault.

ROLON was expected to be arraigned today in Worcester District Court. Please note that State Police do not release booking photos. A photo of Nanuk is embedded below.