Welcome to the Massachusetts State Police Certification Unit web site.

Our Unit is responsible to the Colonel of the Department of State Police for licensing Private Detectives, Watch Guard Patrol Agencies, Special State Police Appointments and conducting various Background investigations for police related agencies. Also, this Unit processes Department of State Police Award submissions and maintains the Department's Employee Evaluation System. The Certification Unit conducts Background Training courses for Law Enforcement Agencies through the Massachusetts State Police Academy.

If you are a police agency looking for our unit to conduct a background investigation on your behalf, please submit your request in writing along with a background package including the applicant's release form. (This Release Form is located within this website under "forms").

Our unit only conducts backgrounds for police agencies or license applicants not for members of the general public.

Special State Police Officer's are employees of Colleges, Hospitals or other Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Agencies named within the licensing statute: M.G.L. Chapter 22C, Section 51-69. The Chief of Campus Police/Security at the particular facility employing the SSPO applicant is the only qualified agent authorized to submit an application package. Members of the general public may not apply for this appointment.

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 147 Sections 22-30 address Private Investigators/Watch Guard license requirements. If you are interested in obtaining a license to operate a Private Detective and/or Watch Guard Patrol Agency within the Commonwealth, you will find a complete informational package on this site including the requirements to qualify for said license. There are several fraudulent advertisements for schooling or courses that claim to give you the qualifications to obtain a Private Detective License. These advertisers are in no way affiliated with the Massachusetts State Police or any of it's subsidiaries. There is no course offered that will help you to obtain experience.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact this Unit directly at 978-538-6128.