The Internal Affairs Section is a component of the Division of Standards and Training and is responsible for conducting investigations into allegations of serious misconduct alleged to have been committed by employees of the Department of State Police. All employees of the Department are trained to conform with the State Police Rules and Regulations and State Police Policies and Procedures and they are mandated to work in conformance to local, state and federal laws. The Internal Affairs Section is responsible for protecting the integrity of the Department and ensuring that public confidence and support remains strong by fairly and objectively investigating all complaints in a timely manner. Activities of the Internal Affairs Section include; registering and conducting the investigations of complaints against members of the Department, supervising and monitoring the intake of alleged misconduct within the Department, forwarding the completed investigative reports through proper channels and maintaining all records of investigations and related findings.

The Internal Affairs Section is comprised of ten Commissioned Officers including a Captain who is the Section Commander and nine Detective Lieutenants who are responsible for conducting the investigations. The Commanding Officer provides oversight for the administrative operation of the Section, assigns investigations and reviews completed investigative reports. Detective Lieutenants are assigned cases and conduct complete and comprehensive investigations regarding the allegations. The investigating officers then review the facts and evidence, render findings and submit reports for processing. When necessary, corrective or disciplinary action is taken against employees who were found to be in violation of the rules of conduct.