The Staff Inspection Section is a component part of the Division of Standards and Training designed to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of Department operations and personnel through a continuing process of intensive inspections. This inspection process seeks not only to ensure that all legal mandates and Department regulations are adhered to, but also seeks to make recommendations regarding methods that will improve working conditions for the men and women of the Massachusetts State Police and the quality of public safety services provided by the Department to the citizens of the Commonwealth. By conducting these inspections on a continuing basis, throughout the Department's operations across the Commonwealth, the Section is able to discern and identify patterns of organizational behavior that are not readily apparent to those involved in those operations on a daily basis. The Section provides this service by inspecting every Unit, Section and Station on a random basis as often as possible but not more than every third year.

The Section currently consists of five senior officers, all in the rank of Captain. This rank structure provides the Section with the ability to effectively communicate and quickly address problems with all necessary personnel throughout the Department's table of organization. The Section inspects and confirms the integrity, storage and disposal of all contraband, narcotics and monies seized by the Department. We inspect and ensure the safety and effectiveness of the Department's holding facilities, equipment, personnel practices and make findings of fact and recommendations based upon the results of these inspections. The Section seeks to appropriately disseminate the results of our findings throughout the Department to allow for the continuous improvement of all Department operations and practices.

The officers of the Staff Inspection Section seek to identify and propose solutions to manage risk factors, minimize the chances of Department failure or deficiency, maximize the likelihood of success for both Department personnel and the citizenry, and enhance the professionalism of the Department's officers and operations for the benefit of all the citizens of the Commonwealth.