Lt. Colonel Thomas Grenham, Division of Standards and Training

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas D. Grenham, Division Commander


The Division of Standards and Training (DST) is responsible to ensure that the highest standards for the Department are maintained across all Divisions and that all State Police Officers and recruits are provided with the most up-to-date training and education available. The Division accomplishes this mission by investigating and prosecuting misconduct, conducting regular inspections of Department operations and facilities and by providing the latest training available. In the interest of public safety, DST also provides its expertise and resources to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The Division is organized into two main sections. The first is the Standards section which is comprised of the Internal Affairs Section, the Certification Unit, the Harassment Investigation Unit, Staff Inspections, Auditing and the Narcotics Inspection Unit. Officers assigned to the Standards section investigate citizen complaints filed against Department employees. Citizens may file a complaint regarding allegations of misconduct against a Department employee by obtaining a Citizen Response Form (SP 340) in the following manner: contacting a State Police facility, arriving in person to a State Police facility and securing a copy of a SP 340, downloading the form from the website or by calling the Citizen Response Intake Line at (508) 988-7003. All complaints are documented and are investigated in compliance with Departmental procedures. Officers from the Standards section also conduct background investigations on state employees, issue licenses to private investigators and investigate allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment. Standards officers also conduct frequent inspections of State Police facilities and personnel to ensure compliance with policy and procedures and they are responsible to inventory, track, store and destroy narcotics that have been seized by the Department. While the primary base of operations for Standards is located at General Headquarters in Framingham, Standards also has offices located at strategic sites throughout the Commonwealth.

The other section of DST is the Training section which is based at the State Police Academy in New Braintree. The Training section provides recruit training and in-service training to State Police officers. The recruit curriculum provides new recruits with the basic skills needed to assume the responsibilities of being a State Trooper and then continues to provide officers with updates and new information regarding law enforcement and public safety. Additionally, the Training section offers professional development courses to local, state and federal law enforcement officers. These courses provide training in specific fields related to law enforcement such as homicide investigation, rape investigation, interview techniques, fire investigation and accident reconstruction. In addition to the traditional lecture type of instruction and the practical instruction, the Academy also provides training to State Police officers, as well as to over 40 local police departments, via the On-Line Academy. The On-Line Academy delivers over thirty courses in a variety of law enforcement related subjects to users through the internet allowing users to complete courses from any location that has access to the worldwide web.