The Office of Grants and Research (OGR) is the arm of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security that serves as the State Administering Agency for federal criminal justice, highway safety, and homeland security grant funds. OGR also administers some state appropriated funding for public safety, criminal and juvenile justice activities. Additionally, OGR is the home of the Research and Policy Analysis Division, which conducts research and analysis in order to inform policy and the allocation of resources within the Commonwealth.

The goals of the OGR include:

  • Improving community safety and local preparedness by providing resources to communities based on need;
  • Investing in innovative programs;
  • Granting awards based on national and state priorities;
  • Fostering collaboration across jurisdictions by delivering grant dollars with a regional approach;
  • Reducing fatalities, injuries, and economic losses related to motor-vehicle crashes on Massachusetts roadways;
  • Making funding decisions factoring in research, empirical data, and best practices; and
  • Ensuring that the grant awarding process is open, public, and competitive; and in compliance with federal and state guidelines.


The OGR is comprised of five Divisions: