2012 Decisions for Life Sentence Inmates 

Please note that life sentence decision documents are listed alphabetically by inmate's last name.

Acevedo, Roberto W-51343 pdf format of Roberto Acevedo Lifer Decision

Abdul Basir, Dawud W-33579 pdf format of Dawud Abdul Basir Lifer Decision

Allah, Raborn W-58709 pdf format of Allah Raborn Lifer Record of Decision

Allen,JamesW-54114  pdf format of Allen,JamesW-54114

Anderson, James W-61398 pdf format of James Anderson Lifer Decision

Anderson, Jituola W-44763 pdf format of Jitu'Ola Anderson Lifer Decision

Arnold, Michael W-42708 pdf format of Michael Arnold Lifer Record of Decision

Atwell, Beresford W-66032 pdf format of Beresford Atwell Lifer Decision

Bailey, Bernard W-43296 pdf format of Bernard Bailey Lifer Decision

Bartlett, Kenneth W-52822 pdf format of Kenneth Bartlett Lifer Decision

Bentley, Richard W-44187 pdf format of Richard Bentley Lifer Decision

Beulieu,GerardW-37117  pdf format of Beulieu,GerardW-37117

Bilodeau, Allen W-34418 pdf format of Allen Bilodeau Lifer Decision

Bingham, George W-63477 pdf format of George Bingham Lifer Decision

Bogues, Charles W-62310 pdf format of Charles Bogues Lifer Decision

Bond, Robert W-41965 pdf format of RobertBondROD

Bowser, Edgar W-36627 pdf format of EdgarBowserROD

Cameron, George W-35886 pdf format of George Cameron Lifer Decision

Cataldo, Peter W-65372 pdf format of Peter Cataldo Lifer Decision

Carter, Clarence W-43586 pdf format of Clarence Carter Lifer Record of Decision

 Chisholm, Edward W-36877 pdf format of Edward Chisholm Lifer Decision

 Cintron, Ismael W-55254 pdf format of Ismael Cintron Lifer Decision

 Clements, Jason W-64045 pdf format of Jason Clements Lifer Decision

 Coe, Kevin W-38150 pdf format of Kevin Coe Lifer Decision

 Cole, Anthony W-65346 pdf format of Anthony Cole Lifer Decision

 Colon, Roberto W-62985 pdf format of Roberto Colon Lifer Decision

 Cosme, Luis W-63428 pdf format of Luis Cosme Lifer Decision

 Costa, Augustus W-39476 pdf format of Augustus Costa Lifer Decision

 Cox, James W-35225 pdf format of James Cox Lifer Decision

Damiano, Frank W-36297 pdf format of Frank Damiano Lifer Decision

Desir, Frantz W-64529 pdf format of Frantz Desir Lifer Decision

 DeWolfe, Ronald W-37388 pdf format of Ronald DeWolfe Lifer Record of Decision

 Diaz, John W-35655 pdf format of John Diaz Lifer Decision

 Diaz, Lisandro W-67227 pdf format of Lisandro Diaz Lifer Decision

 Dickson, Katherine F-36166 pdf format of Katherine Dickson Lifer Record of Decision

Donovan, George W-46283 pdf format of George Donovan Lifer Decision

 Earl, Hebert W-34929 pdf format of Herbert Earl Lifer Decision

 Earltop, Curtis W-33301 pdf format of Curtis Earltop Lifer Record of Decision

Elliot, Laron W-62780 pdf format of Laron Elliot Life Sentence Decision

Encarnacion, Jesus W-49337 pdf format of Jesus Encarnacion Lifer Decision

 Farrier, Leo W-43362 pdf format of Leo Farrier Lifer Decision

Fluker, Timothy W-36275 pdf format of Timothy Fluker Lifer Decision

 Foley, Thomas W-38388 pdf format of Thomas Foley Lifer Decision

 Gabriel, Gibney W-47019 pdf format of Gibney Gabriel Lifer Decision

Gaillardetz, Gino W-42848 pdf format of Gino Gaillardetz Lifer Record of Decision

 Glover, Corey W-51891 pdf format of Corey Glover Lifer Decision

 Goforth, William W-41640 pdf format of William Goforth Lifer Decision

 Gomez, Robert W-54202 pdf format of Robert Gomez Lifer Decision

Gorham,BruceW-37644(Paroled)  pdf format of Gorham,BruceW-37644(Paroled)

Gray, Calvin W-44270 pdf format of Calvin Gray Lifer Decision

Greenberg, Christopher W-49921 pdf format of Christopher Greenberg Lifer Record of Decision

Greenman,AlanW-45495  pdf format of Greenman,AlanW-45495

Haggerty, George W-39898 pdf format of George Haggerty Lifer Decision

Hall, Herman W-42454 pdf format of HermanHallROD01172012

Harris, Steven W-63434 pdf format of Steven Harris Lifer Record of Decision

Heartley, Philip W-55563 pdf format of Philip Heartley Lifer Decision

Hebert, Ronald W-48173 pdf format of Ronald Hebert Lifer Decision

Hernandez, Heriberto W-64557 pdf format of Heriberto Hernandez Lifer Record of Decision

Hicks, Malcolm W-31622 pdf format of Malcolm Hicks Lifer Record of Decision

Inthabane, Phaivanh W-66292 pdf format of Phaivanh Inthabane Lifer Decision

 Jackson, Albert W-63771 pdf format of Albert Jackson Lifer Decision

Jessamy, Adrian W-52137 pdf format of Adrian Jessamy Lifer Decision

Johnson, James W-35941 pdf format of James Johnson Lifer Decision

Jones, David W-50884 pdf format of David Jones Lifer Record of Decision

Jones, Michael W-34743 pdf format of Michael Jones Lifer Decision

Keegan, John W-63500 pdf format of John Keegan Lifer Decision

Kempt, Kevin W-51449 pdf format of Kevin Kempt Lifer Decision

 Lanza, Frank W-44852 pdf format of Frank Lanza Lifer Decision

Lattimore, James W-39814 pdf format of James Lattimore Lifer Decision

Loman, Orlando W-58706 pdf format of Orlando Loman Lifer Decision
file size 1MB

Long, Vann W-54528 pdf format of Vann Long Lifer Record of Decision

Lucas, Timothy W-55018 pdf format of Timothy Lucas Lifer Decision

Lynes, Thomas W-51985 pdf format of Thomas Lynes Lifer Decision

Maimoni, Thomas W-53997 pdf format of TmaimoniROD

Marple, Michael W-41130 pdf format of Michael Marple Lifer Decision

Martin, Edward W-51890 pdf format of Martin Edward Lifer Decision

Matos, Manuel W-54242 pdf format of Manuel Matos Lifer Decision

Mattos, Steven W-60443 pdf format of Steven Mattos Lifer Record of Decision

Mendoza, Daniel W-62695 pdf format of Daniel Mendoza Lifer Record of Decision

Miller, Vernon W-33563 pdf format of Vernon Miller Lifer Record of Decision

Mongo, Warren W-31491 pdf format of Warren Mongo Lifer Decision

Moore, Karl W-55201 pdf format of Karl Moore Lifer Decision

Murphy, Robin F-25652 pdf format of Robin Murphy Lifer Decision

 Murray, Benjamin W-66679 pdf format of Benjamin Murray Lifer Decision

Noonan, Bryce W-55845 pdf format of Bryce Noonan Lifer Decision

Nunez, Vinny W-65250 pdf format of Vinny Nunez Lifer Decision

O'Connell,MatthewW-47916  pdf format of O'Connell,MatthewW-47916

ONeil, Paul W-37105 pdf format of Paul O'Neil Lifer Record of Decision

Ortiz, Juan W-43156 pdf format of Juan Ortiz Lifer Record of Decision

Osborne, James W-32377 pdf format of James Osborne Lifer Decision

Paul, Dennis W-33970 pdf format of Dennis Paul Lifer Decision

Pearson, James W-50677 pdf format of James Pearson Lifer Record of Decision

Petrla, Emil W-43504 pdf format of Emil Petrla Lifer Decision

Phachansiri, Souvaheuang W-50489 pdf format of Souvaheuang Phachansiri Lifer Decision

Phachansiri, Souvanna W-50488 pdf format of Souvanna Phachansiri Lifer Decision

Pierce, Brian W-54098 pdf format of Brian Pierce Lifer Decision

Pires, Brian W-38016 pdf format of Brian Pires Lifer Decision

Pope, Che Rashawn W-65215 pdf format of Che Rashawn Pope Lifer Decision

Prater, Alfonso W-62351 pdf format of Alfonso Prater Lifer Record of Decision

Purtell, Wayne W-35433 pdf format of Wayne Purtell Lifer Decision

Renta, Sergio W-63944 pdf format of Sergio Renta Lifer Decision

Reyes, Leopold W-64033 pdf format of Leopold Reyes Lifer Decision

Rivera, Richard W-67872 pdf format of Richard Rivera Lifer Decision

Robles, Francisco W-63633 pdf format of Francisco Robles Lifer Decision

Robles, Jose W-64509 pdf format of Jose Robles Lifer Decision

Rodriquez, Angel W-65749 pdf format of Angel Rodriquez Lifer Record of Decision

Rodriquez, Jose W-63370 pdf format of Jose Rodriquez Lifer Record of Decision

Santiago, Christian W-62683 pdf format of Christian Santiago Lifer Record of Decision

Santiago, Luis W-67813 pdf format of Luis Santiago Lifer Decision

Saunders, Pernell W-49218 pdf format of Pernell Saunders Lifer Record of Decision

Seymour, Richard W-42787 pdf format of Richard Seymour Lifer Record of Decision

Sharma, Sunil W-66446 pdf format of Sunil Sharma Lifer Decision

Sheehy, Paul W-55638 pdf format of Paul Sheehy Lifer Decision

Sierra, Humberto W-50777 pdf format of Humberto Sierra Lifer Decision

Silvia,NormanW-57304  pdf format of Silvia,NormanW-57304

Smith, Stephen W-37480 pdf format of Stephen Smith Lifer Decision
file size 1MB

Soffen, Francis W-34022 pdf format of Francis Soffen ROD

Sorenson, Robert W-46536 pdf format of Robert Sorenson Lifer Decision

Stetson, David W-37628 pdf format of David Stetson Lifer Decision

Stimpson, Kenneth W-37331 pdf format of Kenneth Stimpson Lifer Decision

Strange, Ladale W-46659 pdf format of Ladale Strange Lifer Record of Decision

Stromsnes, Carl W-63544 pdf format of Carl Stromsnes Lifer Decision

Sullivan, Andrew W-46823 pdf format of Andrew Sullivan Lifer Decision

Sweeney, James W-61396 pdf format of James Sweeney Lifer Decision

Thompson, Benley W-41806 pdf format of Benley Thompson Lifer Record of Decision

Thompson, Charles W-60002 pdf format of Charles Thompson Lifer Decision

Trongeau, Nelson W-40545 pdf format of Nelson Trongeau Lifer Decision

Trudell, Alfred W-32499 pdf format of Alfred Trudell Lifer Decision

Vasquez, Miguel W-67821 pdf format of Miguel Vasquez Lifer Record of Decision

Ware, Michael W-32549 pdf format of Michael Ware Lifer Decision

Wilborn, Bruce W-41085 pdf format of Bruce Wilborn Lifer Decision

Williams, Maurice W-33399 pdf format of Maurice Williams Lifer Decision

Wood, Robert W-37605 pdf format of Robert Wood Lifer Record of Decision

Woodworth, Steven W-52204 pdf format of Steven Woodworth Lifer Decision

Young, Lester T-22678 pdf format of Lester Young Lifer Decision