2013 Decisions for Life Sentence Inmates.

Please note that life sentence decision documents are listed alphabetically by inmate's last name.

Adrey, Jerry W-34787 pdf format of Jerry Adrey Lifer Decision

Amman, Michael W-38034 pdf format of Michael Amman Lifer Decision

Archer, Steven W-50732 pdf format of Steven Archer Lifer Decision

Bacigalupo, Ricardo W-61248 pdf format of Ricardo Bacigalupo Lifer Decision

Blackstone, James W-39298 pdf format of James Blackstone Lifer Decision
file size 2MB

Blanco, Jorge W-61981 pdf format of Jorge Blanco Lifer Decision

Blaney, Stephen W-54642 pdf format of Stephen Blaney Lifer Decision

Boone, James W-37819 pdf format of James Boone Lifer Decision
file size 1MB

Boyce, David W49515 pdf format of David Boyce Lifer Decision

Brown, Howard W-34824 pdf format of Howard Brown Lifer Decision

Bruyette, Michael W-42615 pdf format of Michael Bruyette Lifer Decision

Cardozo, Joseph W-39662 pdf format of Joseph Cardozo Lifer Decision

Carter, Jermaine W-53451 pdf format of Jermaine Carter Lifer Decision

Childs, Thomas W-40430 pdf format of Thomas Childs Lifer Decision
file size 1MB

Clark, Tyrone W-34419 pdf format of Tyrone Clark Lifer Decision

Clements, Jason W-64045 pdf format of Jason Clements Life Sentence Decision

Colby, Gary W-50062 pdf format of Gary Colby Lifer Decision

Collins, Shawn W-43227 pdf format of Shawn Collins Lifer Decision

Corbett, Arthur W-38956 pdf format of Arthur Corbett Lifer Decision

Corradino, Michael W-34481 pdf format of Michael Corradino Lifer Decision

Cosme, Luis W-63428 pdf format of Luis Cosme Life Sentence Decision

Cousins, Therrin W-67202 pdf format of Therrin Cousins Lifer Decision

Credle, Raymond W-38013 pdf format of Ray Credle Lifer Decision

Crowell, Richard W-28969 pdf format of Richard Crowell Lifer Decision

Curtis, Gary W-41437 pdf format of Gary Curtis Lifer Decision

Dabrieo, Bruce W-34580 pdf format of Bruce Dabrieo Lifer Decision

Davila, Victor W-39567 pdf format of Victor Davila Lifer Decision

DeCicco, Joseph W-57492 pdf format of Joseph DeCicco Lifer Decision

DeJesus, Ramon W-65419 pdf format of Ramon DeJesus Lifer Decision

Diaz, Michael W-66797 pdf format of Michael Diaz Life Sentence Decision

Doane, Christopher T-20479 pdf format of Christopher Doane Lifer Decision

Doucette, Charles W-51582 pdf format of Charles Doucette Lifer Decision

Dougan, Warren W-37872 pdf format of Warren Dougan Lifer Decision

Duggan, Kevin W-54131 pdf format of Kevin Duggan Lifer Decision

Elliot, Laron W-62780 pdf format of Laron Elliot Lifer Decision

Ellis, Derrick W-66593 pdf format of Derrick Ellis Lifer Decision

Estep,Thomas W-49076  pdf format of Estep,Thomas W-49076

Espino, Jose W-39313 pdf format of Jose Espino Lifer Decision
file size 1MB

Fappiano, Susan F-36675 pdf format of Susan Fappiano Lifer Decision

Ferrer, Antonio W-58563 pdf format of Antonio Ferrer Lifer Decision

Flores, Luis W-53273 pdf format of Luis Flores Lifer Decision

Fournier, Todd W-35435 pdf format of Todd Fournier Lifer Decision

Garner, Frankie W-66262 pdf format of Frankie Garner Lifer Decision

Gendraw, Antonio W-66526 pdf format of Antonio Gendraw Lifer Decision

Goucher, Barbara F-36750 pdf format of Barbara Goucher Lifer Decision

Hennig, Gary W-31945 pdf format of Gary Hennig Lifer Decision

Hill, Gerald W-36748 pdf format of Gerald Hill Lifer Decision

Hiskin, Michael W-54868 pdf format of Michael Hiskin Lifer Decision

Hoffman, Oscar W-47389 pdf format of Oscar Hoffman Lifer Decision

Holbrook,Peter W-38068  pdf format of Holbrook,Peter W-38068

Holmes, Alex W-64573 pdf format of Alex Holmes Lifer Decision

Houston, Donald W-56800 pdf format of Donald Houston Lifer Decision

Hughes, Charles W-48493 pdf format of Charles Hughes Lifer Decision

Jenkins, Charles W-46844 pdf format of Charles Jenkins Lifer Decision

Johnson, Willie W-64572 pdf format of Willie Johnson Lifer Decision

Jones, David W-50884 pdf format of David Jones Life Sentence Decision

Kachadorian, Richard W-64885 pdf format of Richard Kachadorian Lifer Decision
file size 1MB

Khoury, William W-29946 pdf format of William Khoury Lifer Decision
file size 1MB

LaCorte, Michael W-35301 pdf format of Michael LaCorte Lifer Decision

LeClair, Paul W-81563 pdf format of Paul LeClair Lifer Decision

Lennon, Donald W40946 pdf format of Donald Lennon Lifer Decision

Loatman, Stuart W-34654 pdf format of Stuart Loatman Lifer Decision

MacMillan Adam W-42419 pdf format of Adam MacMillan Lifer Decision

Maillet, John W-41357 pdf format of John Maillet Lifer Decision

Maldonado, Jose W-38184 pdf format of Jose Maldonado Lifer Decision

Manning, Lawrence W-40467 pdf format of Lawrence Manning Lifer Decision
file size 1MB

Marino, John W-60252 pdf format of John Marino Lifer Decision

Mattson, Glenn W-35408 pdf format of Glenn Mattson Lifer Decision

McCabe, John W-85641 pdf format of John McCabe Lifer Decision
file size 1MB

McDermott, William W-39101 pdf format of William McDermott Life Sentence Decision
file size 1MB

Mendoza, Daniel W-62695 pdf format of Daniel Mendoza Lifer Decision

Mendoza, David W-58065 pdf format of David Mendoza Lifer Decision

Gabriel Mercado W-69614 pdf format of Gabriel Mercado Lifer Decision

Merrell, Timothy W-37195 pdf format of Timothy Merrell Lifer Decision

Miles, Otis W-61326 pdf format of Otis Miles Lifer Decision

Montel, Michael W-51627 pdf format of Michael Montel Lifer Decision

Morales, Victor W-65652 pdf format of Victor Morales Lifer Decision

Morales, Wilson W-56628 pdf format of Wilson Morales Lifer Decision

Morrisette, Michael W-49880 pdf format of Michael Morrisette Lifer Decision

Nadheerul-Islam, Abdur W-46510 pdf format of Abdur Nadheerul-Islam Lifer Decision

Nazario, Julio W-56964 pdf format of Julio Nazario Lifer Decision

Nicholson, Steven W-34618 pdf format of Steven Nicholson Lifer Decision

Noucher, Mark W-36462 pdf format of Mark Noucher Lifer Decision

Ortiz, Juan W-43156 pdf format of Juan Ortiz Lifer Decision

Osl, Pamela F36178 pdf format of Pamela Osl Lifer Decision

 Palmer, Saddiq W-62664 pdf format of Saddiq Palmer Lifer Decision

Pereyra, Elsido W-66131 pdf format of Elsido Pereyra Lifer Decision

Perry, Donald W-39865 pdf format of Donald Perry Lifer Decision

Phomphakdy, Thappi W-69124 pdf format of Thappi Phomphakdy Life Sentence Decision

Pina, Christopher W-31725 pdf format of Christopher Pina Lifer Decision

Ponticelli, Charles W-50338 pdf format of Charles Ponticelli Lifer Decision

Powers, Gary W-37204 pdf format of Gary Powers Lifer Decision

Pressat, Martine F-80000 pdf format of Martine Pressat Lifer Decision

Rambert, Christopher W-39842 pdf format of Christopher Rambert Lifer Decision

Redmond, Daniel W-35990 pdf format of Daniel Redmond Lifer Decision

Reid, Lucille F-25420 pdf format of Lucille Reid Lifer Decision

Rivera, Angel W-52968 pdf format of Angel Rivera Lifer Decision

Rivera, Angel W-65547 pdf format of Angel Rivera Lifer Decision

Rivera, Antonio W-39837 pdf format of Antonio Rivera Lifer Decision

Rivera, Tomas W-39976 pdf format of Tomas Rivera Lifer Decision

Robinson, Tawon W-47687 pdf format of Tawon Robinson Lifer Decision

Robinson, Willie W-38085 pdf format of Willie Robinson Lifer Decision

Rogers, Jesse W-56017 pdf format of Jesse Rogers Lifer Decision

Rose, Anne Marie F-36249 pdf format of AnneMarie Rose Lifer Decision

Ruiz, Hector W-63878  pdf format of Ruiz, Hector W-63878

Seaver, Richard W-28163 pdf format of Richard Seaver Lifer Decision

Scott, Chris W-35205 pdf format of Chris Scott Lifer Decision

Seguin, Kenneth W-53954 pdf format of Kenneth Seguin Lifer Decision
file size 2MB

Sibinich, David W-38839 pdf format of David Sibinich Lifer Decision

Sierra, Jesus W-54612 pdf format of Jesus Sierra Lifer Decision

Simpson, Edward W-52573 pdf format of Jesus Sierra Lifer Decision

Siniscalchi, Carlo W-62992 pdf format of Carlo Siniscalchi Lifer Decision

Skinner, James W-55739 pdf format of James Skinner Lifer Decision

Skinner, Michael W-42105 pdf format of Michael Skinner Lifer Decision

Smith, Clyde W-55466 pdf format of Clyde Smith Lifer Decision

Snow, Emmett W-47116 pdf format of Emmett Snow Lifer Decision

Sparkman, Joli F-36723 pdf format of Joli Sparkman Lifer Decision

Spencer, Jamal W-50106 pdf format of Jamal Spencer Lifer Decision

Stallings, George W-68184 pdf format of George Stallings Lifer Decision

Stetson, David W-37628 pdf format of David Stetson Lifer Decision

Stirling, Robert W-30424 pdf format of Robert Stirling Lifer Decision

Stokes, James W-32648 pdf format of James Stokes Lifer Decision
file size 1MB

Sullivan, Lynne F-36756 pdf format of Lynne Sullivan Lifer Decision

Sutton, Derrick W-56168 pdf format of Derrick Sutton Life Sentence Decision

Sylvia, William W61782 pdf format of William Sylvia Lifer Decision

Talbot, David W-53646 pdf format of David Talbot Lifer Decision

Torres, Javier W-66610 pdf format of Javier Torres Lifer Decision

Torres, Jeremiah W-54666 pdf format of Jeremiah Torres Lifer Decision

Tourigny, Michelle F-36778 pdf format of Michelle Tourigny Lifer Decision

Truong, Hung W-52523 pdf format of Hung Truong Lifer Decision

Underwood, Lee W-45135 pdf format of Lee Underwood Lifer Decision

Valentin, Miguel W-55389 pdf format of Miguel Valentin Lifer Decision

Vazquez, Joseph W-60696 pdf format of Joseph Vazquez Lifer Decision

Velasquez, Jose W-64535 pdf format of Jose Velasquez Lifer Decision

Velez, Alex W-67125 pdf format of Alex Velez Life Sentence Decision

Watts, Aaron W-49607 pdf format of Aaron Watts Lifer Decision

White, Edward W-39072 pdf format of Edward White Lifer Decision
file size 1MB

Williams, Dale W-66527 pdf format of Dale Williams Lifer Decision

Williams, Nathaniel W-34781 pdf format of Nathaniel Williams Lifer Decision

Williams, Randy W-67326 pdf format of Randy Williams Lifer Decision

Wood, Kevin W-52555 pdf format of Kevin Wood Lifer Decision

Yandle, Joseph W-34788 pdf format of Joseph Yandle Lifer Decision

Zwicker, John W-49269  pdf format of Zwicker, John W-49269