The unit is comprised of staff performing the day to day operations of human resources and fiscal activities.

The Human Resource unit is responsible for coordinating employment opportunities, personnel actions, diversity programs, benefits, workers' compensation, civil service, workforce policies and employee and labor relations. Please visit the websites listed to explore employment opportunities with the Parole Board and other Commonwealth agencies.

Employment Opportunities:

Human Resources:

The fiscal component of the unit is charged with ensuring the integrity, accountability and efficiency of the Agency's fiscal operations and communication of accurate and timely financial information. The unit is committed to accomplishing this mission in partnership with agency stakeholders and Commonwealth partners.

Director of Administrative Services 
Esther Chan Deirdre Dacey
Fiscal OperationsPersonnel Officer
508.650.4557   Human Resources
Julie Pease, Program Coordinator 
Fiscal/Human Resources 
Supervision Fee UnitNicole Mahan
508.650.4557Reception Desk