February 2015 Hearing Schedule:
Offenders Serving Life Sentences

The following hearings are open to the public and will be held at the Massachusetts Parole Board Central Office located at:
12 Mercer Road, Natick, Massachusetts, 01760.

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is accurate as of January 29, 2014. For a schedule that is completely up to date, please contact the lifer unit at 508-650-4545.


February 3  
Lee Underwood10 a.m.Review
Philip Gagliardi12 p.m.Review
Anthony Rivera2 p.m.Initial
February 10  
Anthony Cooper10 a.m.Initial
Hector Custodio12 p.m.Review
February 12  
Stephen Gruning10 a.m.Review
Nathaniel Williams12 p.m.Review
Robert Cantell2 p.m.Review
February 17  
Keith Pelletier10 a.m.Initial
Salah Shakoor12 p.m.Review
Gary Little2 p.m.Review
February 24  
Timothy Haigh10 a.m.Initial
Joseph Irazarry1 p.mInitial
Paul Cipperly2 p.m.Review
February 26  
Jose Tevenal10 a.m.Initial
James Costello1 p.m.Initial