September 2014 Hearing Schedule:
Offenders Serving Life Sentences

The following hearings are open to the public and will be held at the Massachusetts Parole Board Central Office located at:
12 Mercer Road, Natick, Massachusetts, 01760

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is accurate as of August 28, 2014. For a schedule that is completely up to date, please contact the lifer unit at 508-650-4545.


September 9  
Tyrone Clark10 a.m.Review
Ralph Hamm12 p.m.Review
Albert Rogers2  p.m.Review
September 16  
Patrick Kelly10 a.m.Review
Tawon Robinson12 p.m.Review
Jose Sime2 p.m.Review
September 23  
Steven Harris10 a.m.Review
Charles Ingemi1 p.m.Review
John Maloney2 p.m.Review
September 25  
Bruce Victor10 a.m.Initial
James Wahl12 p.m.Review
Salahuddin Ali2 p.m.Review
September 30 - Juvenile Lifer  
Steven Ward10 a.m.Initial