This map is a grid overlay of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that aggregates FirstNet's baseline identified coverage objectives for the National Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) within one mile square sectors throughout Massachusetts.  

NOTE:  This is not a coverage map.  Rather, this is a map that summarizes where key coverage objectives (people, buildings, roads, critical infrastructure, and first responders) are concentrated throughout the state.  A coverage map will come later, after FirstNet has selected a vendor to deploy the network.  This map will be used by the vendor to understand where coverage is most needed in the Commonwealth. This is also a baseline map, meaning this is FirstNet's initial understanding of Massachusetts' needs.  This map will be updated based on feedback from the Public Safety Broadband Office in consultation with Massachusetts' public safety entities.

On this map, red grid sectors represent high concentrations of coverage objectives (meaning there are many public safety concerns within that one square mile).  Blue sectors represent medium concentration of coverage objectives.  Green are low concentration.  White sectors have very sparse coverage objectives and are likely to require "non-terrestrial" coverage (like the use of a satellite or deployable network).