Please refer to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 22 and Section 13A for more information about the Architectural Access Board

Copies of our Rules and Regulations (521 CMR) are available at the State Bookstore, Section 9 Multiple Dwellings pdf format of 521009.pdf
Room 116, State House, Boston, MA 02133 (617) 727-2834.


IMPORTANT: The following sections are in Adobe Acrobat format. In order to view the documents, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The FREE Acrobat Reader is available from the the Adobe Website

Please note that due to formatting issues, the pages on the website regulations do not coincide with the pages in the hard copy of 521 CMR.

521CMR01 doc format of 521CMR01.DOC
(22k) 521CMR25 doc format of 521CMR25.DOC
521CMR02 doc format of 521CMR02.DOC
(41k) 521CMR26 doc format of 521CMR26.DOC
file size 1MB (1.86mb)
521CMR03 doc format of 521CMR03.DOC
(33k) 521CMR27 doc format of 521CMR27.DOC
521CMR04 doc format of 521CMR04.DOC
(36k) 521CMR28 doc format of 521CMR28.DOC
521CMR05 doc format of 521CMR05.DOC
(57k) 521CMR29 doc format of 521CMR29.DOC
521CMR06 doc format of 521CMR06.DOC
(881k) 521CMR30 doc format of 521CMR30.DOC
521CMR07 doc format of 521CMR07.DOC
(396k)521CMR31 doc format of 521CMR31.DOC
521CMR08 doc format of 521CMR08.DOC
(109k)521CMR32 doc format of 521CMR32.DOC
521CMR09 doc format of 521CMR09.DOC
(436k)521CMR33 doc format of 521CMR33.DOC
521CMR10 doc format of 521CMR10.DOC
(263k)521CMR34 doc format of 521CMR34.DOC
521CMR11 doc format of 521CMR11.DOC
(13k)521CMR35 doc format of 521CMR35.DOC
521CMR12 doc format of 521CMR12.DOC
(379k)521CMR36 doc format of 521CMR36.DOC
521CMR13 doc format of 521CMR13.DOC
(20k)521CMR37 doc format of 521CMR37.DOC
521CMR14 doc format of 521CMR14.DOC
(289k)521CMR38 doc format of 521CMR38.DOC
521CMR15 doc format of 521CMR15.DOC
(17k)521CMR39 doc format of 521CMR39.DOC
521CMR16 doc format of 521CMR16.DOC
(3.42k)521CMR40 doc format of 521CMR40.DOC
521CMR17 doc format of 521CMR17.DOC
(631k)521CMR41 doc format of 521CMR41.DOC
521CMR18 doc format of 521CMR18.DOC
(90k)521CMR42 doc format of 521CMR42.DOC
521CMR19 doc format of 521CMR19.DOC
(845k)521CMR43 doc format of 521CMR43.DOC
521CMR20 doc format of 521CMR20.DOC
file size 1MB (1.27mb)521CMR44 doc format of 521CMR44.DOC
521CMR21 doc format of 521CMR21.DOC
(104k)521CMR45 doc format of 521CMR45.DOC
521CMR22 doc format of 521CMR22.DOC
(248k)521CMR46 doc format of 521CMR46.DOC
521CMR23 doc format of 521CMR23.DOC
(605k)521CMR47 doc format of 521CMR47.DOC
521CMR24 doc format of 521CMR24.DOC
file size 1MB (1.08mb)521CMRWHOLE DOC1 doc format of 521CMRWHOLE DOC1.DOC
file size 3MB (3.28mb)

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