Any person may request an advisory opinion from the Board. The request must be made in writing and must state exactly what building or facility the opinion is for.

An advisory opinion is only used to determine a question of jurisdiction over a particular building or facility, or a question of compliance with the regulations. It is not to be used to avoid The Variance Process or to find out whether or not a variance would or would not be granted.

How do I know when I should request an advisory opinion?
You should request an advisory opinion if you are not certain whether or not your facility is required to comply with our regulations, or to what extent the facility is required to comply.

What is the process?
  1. First, the request must be made in writing addressed to the chairperson of the Board, and be specific (i.e. street address, town, 521 CMR section request)
  2. After reviewing the request, the Board will issue an opinion in writing, which will be sent to requestor and local parties concerned.

Advisory Opinions may be relied upon by the person requesting them as well as by an official of a city, town, or region.