Carlin, MattCommissioner of DPS
Perkins, RobertTravel Amusement Device Representative
Dean, EugeneTravel Amusement Device
VacantKart Industry Representative
Johnson, BrendaPermanent Amusement Device
Freeman, JasonPermanent Amusement Device
Holmes, DavidState Building Inspector
VacantLocal Building Inspector
Johnson, RobertOABA Member Representative
Geryk, HenryState Engineering Inspector
VacantASTM Member Representative
White, DavidNEAAPA Member Representative
VacantNEAAPA Representative
VacantAIMS Member Representative
VacantBoard of Fire Prevention Member
VacantMember of the General Public
VacantThird Party Inspector
Klajnscek, RichChallenge Course Owner/Industry Representative
Zimmermann, BillClimbing Wall Owner/Industry Representative

Amusement Advisory Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes