All amusement devices in Massachusetts must be licensed and are regulated and inspected by the Department of Public Safety. The Department derives its authority from Massachusetts General Law chapter 140, section 205A. Under this authority, the Department has enacted its own regulations which are codified in section 5.00 of title 520 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations. Regulation and safety issues regarding amusement devices are reviewed by the Amusement Advisory Board. The Board is comprised of 19 voluntary members, who are appointed to serve by the Commissioner.

Prior to owning or operating an amusement device, a license must be granted by the Department. In addition, criminal background checks are required of certain amusement employees. Each amusement device, including inflatable devices, must be registered with the Department annually and inspected according to the regulations.

All license applications and forms are available via the link below. Prior to contacting the Department with any questions, please review the FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") link below for further information. All applications, inquiries, or suggestions should be mailed to:

Department of Public Safety
Amusements Division
One Ashburton Place Room 1301
Boston, MA 02108

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