Concrete testing laboratories providing services in Massachusetts are licensed annually in accordance with the Massachusetts State Building Code 780 CMR 110.R1. All laboratories defined by the code as testing laboratories, branch laboratories and project laboratories which are engaged in the testing of concrete and concrete materials for use in buildings and structures subject to the construction control provisions of 780 CMR 107.6 shall apply for a license issued by the Board of Building Regulations and Standards.

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2016 List of MA Licensed Concrete Testing Laboratories

Concrete Testing Laboratories (9/1/2016)  xlsx format of Concrete Testing Laboratories (9/1/2016)

PLEASE NOTE: Effective 2016, applicants for new Concrete Testing Laboratories, as well as renewals, can now apply for renewal through the Department of Public Safety's Online Inspection and Permitting System (IPS).  One can access the IPS System at:

For further information contact:

Felix I. Zemel

Department of Public Safety

One Ashburton Place, Rm 1301

Boston, MA   02108-1618

Attention: Concrete Testing Laboratory Licensing Program

617-727-3200 Extension 25250