Note: The 6th Edition is scheduled to expire March 1, 2009.

Warning - This electronic copy of the Massachusetts State Building Code is presented as a courtesy to the public for information only and should never be used to design or construct/reconstruct buildings and structures//To assure that you are working with the current Code (including amendments) always obtain a copy of the Code via the Statehouse Bookstore (617)727-2834 and ask Bookstore personnel for all emergency amendments as well.


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Forward and Acknowledgements pdf format of    780CMRINT.pdf  (47kb)
Table of Contents pdf format of    780CMR.pdf  (78kb)
User Guide pdf format of    780CMRUSG.pdf  (140kb)
  1. Administration pdf format of    780001.pdf  (34kb)
  2. Definitions pdf format of    780002.pdf  (26kb)
  3. Use or Occupancy pdf format of    780003.pdf  (98kb)
  4. Special Use and Occupancy pdf format of    780004.pdf  (23kb)
  5. General Building Limitations pdf format of    780005.pdf  (43kb)
  6. Types of Construction pdf format of    780006.pdf  (90kb)
  7. Fire Resistant Materials and Construction pdf format of    780007.pdf  (352kb)
  8. Interior Finishes pdf format of    780008.pdf  (59kb)
  9. Fire Protection Systems pdf format of    780009.pdf  (238kb)
  10. Means of Egress pdf format of    780010.pdf  (281kb)
  11. Accessibility pdf format of    780011.pdf  (13kb)
  12. Interior Environment pdf format of    780012.pdf  (51kb)
  13. Energy Conservation pdf format of    780013.pdf  (236kb)
  14. Exterior Wall Covering pdf format of    780014.pdf  (96kb)
  15. Roof and Roof Covering pdf format of    780015.pdf  (73kb)
  16. Structural Loads
  17. Structural Tests and Inspections pdf format of    780017.pdf  (85kb)
  18. Foundations and Retaining Walls pdf format of    780018.pdf  (282kb)
  19. Concrete pdf format of    780019.pdf  (308kb)
  20. Lightweight Metals pdf format of    780020.pdf  (13kb)
  21. Masonry pdf format of    780021.pdf  (193kb)
  22. Steel pdf format of    780022.pdf  (104kb)
  23. Wood pdf format of    780023.pdf  (224kb)
  24. Glass and Glazing pdf format of    780024.pdf  (175kb)
  25. Gypsum Board and Plaster pdf format of    780025.pdf  (85kb)
  26. Plastic pdf format of    780026.pdf  (79kb)
  27. Electrical Wiring, Equipment and Systems pdf format of    780027.pdf  (13kb)
  28. Mechanical Systems pdf format of    780028.pdf  (61kb)
  29. Plumbing Systems pdf format of    780029.pdf  (13kb)
  30. Elevators and Conveying System pdf format of    780030.pdf  (13kb)
  31. Special Construction pdf format of    780031.pdf  (157kb)
  32. Construction in the Right-of-Way pdf format of    780032.pdf  (39kb)
  33. Site Work, Demolition and Construction pdf format of    780033.pdf  (42kb)
  34. Repair, Alteration, Addition and Change of Use of Existing Structures pdf format of    780034.pdf    (171kb)
  35. Manufactured Buildings Manufactured Building Components and Manufactured Housing pdf format of    780035.pdf  (47kb)
  36. This Chapter Expired - See 7th Edition 1 & 2 Family Dwelling Code
A Referenced Standards pdf format of    7800AA.pdf  (277kb)
B Sample Forms pdf format of    7800abpt1.pdf  (293kb) C Recommended Fastening Schedule pdf format of    7800AC.pdf  (79kb)
D Foundation Materials pdf format of    7800AD.pdf  (30kb)
E Heat Flow Paths pdf format of    7800AE.pdf  (28kb)
F Existing Buildings pdf format of    7800AF.pdf  (237kb)
G Dead Loads pdf format of    7800AG.pdf  (88kb)
H Historic Structures pdf format of    7800AH.pdf  (24kb)
I Structural Engineer Review pdf format of    7800AI.pdf
J Energy Conservation
  • Pages: pdf format of    7800AJPT1.pdf  753 - 762  (134kb)
  • Pages: pdf format of    7800AJPT2.pdf  760.1 - 760.36  (405kb)
K Floor Protection Calculations pdf format of    7800AK.pdf  (30kb)
L Schedule of Fees pdf format of    7800AL.pdf  (55kb)

Special Rules and Regulations
R1 Concrete Testing Lab pdf format of    7800R1.pdf  (33kb)
R2 Concrete Testing Personnel pdf format of    7800R2.pdf  (26kb)
R3 Manufactured Building pdf format of    7800R3.pdf  (98kb)
R4 Use of Native Lumber pdf format of    7800R4.pdf  (23kb)
R5 Construction Supervisor pdf format of    7800R5.pdf  (42kb)
R6 Home Improvement Contractor pdf format of    7800R6.pdf  (102kb)
R7 Certification of Inspections pdf format of    7800R7.pdf  (46kb)