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Foreward pdf format of foreward.pdf (60kb)

Table of Contents pdf format of contentsbasic.pdf (81kb)

1 Administration pdf format of 780001.pdf (243kb)
2 Definitions pdf format of 780002.pdf (103kb)
3 Use and Occupancy Classification pdf format of 780003.pdf (1mb)
4 Special Detailed Requirements Based on Use and Occupancy pdf format of 780004.pdf (549kb)
5 General Building Heights and Areas pdf format of 780005.pdf (103kb)
6 Types of Construction pdf format of 780006.pdf (80kb)
7 Fire-Resistance-Rated Construction pdf format of 780007.pdf file size 1MB (1.34mb)
8 Interior Finishes pdf format of 780008.pdf (86kb)
9 Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems pdf format of 780009.pdf (402kb)
10 Means of Egress pdf format of 780010.pdf (350kb)
11 Accessibility pdf format of 780011.pdf (34kb)
12 Interior Environments pdf format of 780012.pdf (96kb)
13 Energy Conservation pdf format of 780013.pdf (411kb)
14 Exterior Walls pdf format of 780014.pdf (123kb)
15 Roof Assemblies and Roof Top Structures pdf format of 780015.pdf (170kb)
16 Structural Design pdf format of 780016.pdf (915kb)
17 Quality Assurance During Construction pdf format of 780017.pdf (106kb)
18 Foundations and Retaining Walls pdf format of 780018.pdf file size 1MB (1.17mb)
19 Concrete pdf format of 780019.pdf (107kb)
20 Aluminum pdf format of 780020.pdf (31kb)
21 Masonry pdf format of 780021.pdf file size 1MB (1.4mb)
22 Steel pdf format of 780022.pdf (365kb)
23 Wood pdf format of 780023.pdf (795kb)
24 Glass and Glazing pdf format of 780024.pdf file size 3MB (3.5mb)
25 Gypsum Board and Plaster pdf format of 780025.pdf (89kb)
26 Plastic pdf format of 780026.pdf (121kb)
27 Electrical pdf format of 780027.pdf (48kb)
28 Mechanical Systems pdf format of 780028.pdf (42kb)
29 Plumbing Systems pdf format of 780029.pdf (23kb)
30 Elevators and Conveying pdf format of 780030.pdf (42kb)
31 Special Construction pdf format of 780031.pdf (94kb)
32 Encroachments Into the Public Right-of-Way pdf format of 780032.pdf (50kb)
33 Safeguards During Construction pdf format of 780033.pdf (91kb)
34 Existing Structures pdf format of 780034.pdf (591kb)
35 Referenced Standards pdf format of 780035.pdf (134kb)
36 - 50 Reserved
51 - 109 See One and Two Family Code Volume
110 Special Regulations R1 through R7 pdf format of 780110.pdf (389kb)
111 - 119 Reserved
120 Appendices

Appendices A to J pdf format of 780120a.pdf (479kb)
Appendices K to O pdf format of 780120b.pdf (163kb)
Appendix P pdf format of 780120c.pdf (426kb)
Appendices Q to Z pdf format of 780120d.pdf (304kb)