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001 Table of Content pdf format of 001_TABLE OF_CONTENTS.pdf
(47k)23 Table 2306.1SPF.4th Draff pdf format of 23_Table_2306_4_1SPF_4th_Draft.pdf
01 Chapter 1 pdf format of 01_CHAPTER_1.pdf
(179k)2424 c24 Tables pdf format of 2424_C24_TABLES.pdf
02 Chapter 2 pdf format of 02_CHAPTER_2.pdf
(88k)24 Chapter 24 pdf format of 24_CHAPTER_24.pdf
03 Chapter 3 pdf format of 03_CHAPTER_3.pdf
(109kb)24 IBC c[1].24 Fig Tab pdf format of 24_IBC_c[1]_24_fig_tab.pdf
04 c4 Tables pdf format of 04_C4_TABLES.pdf
(406kb)24 IBC c.24 Fig Tab pdf format of 24_IBC_c_24_fig_tab.pdf
04 Chapter 4 pdf format of 04_CHAPTER_4.pdf
(334kb)2525 c.25 Tables pdf format of 2525_C25_TABLES.pdf
05 c5 Tables pdf format of 05_C5_TABLE.pdf
(54kb)25 Chapter 25 pdf format of 25_CHAPTER_25.pdf
05 Chapter 5 pdf format of 05_CHAPTER_5.pdf
(44kb)25 IBC c[1].25 Fig-Tab pdf format of 25_IBC_c[1]_25_fig_tab.pdf
06 c6 Tables pdf format of 06_C6_TABLES.pdf
(56kb)25 IBC c .5 Fig Tab pdf format of 25_IBC_c_25_fig_tab.pdf
06 Chapter 6 pdf format of 06_CHAPTER_6.pdf
(21kb)2626 c26 Tables pdf format of 2626_C26_TABLES.pdf
06 IBC c[1].6 Figures Tables pdf format of 06_IBC_c[1]_6_fig_tab.pdf
(61kb)26 Chapter 26 pdf format of 26_CHAPTER_26.pdf
06 IBC c.6.Fig-Tab pdf format of 06_IBC_c_6_fig_tab.pdf
(58kb)26 IBC c[1].26 Fig -Tab pdf format of 26_IBC_c[1]_26_fig_tab.pdf
07 C7 Figures and Tables pdf format of 07_C7_FIGURES_AND_TABLES.pdf
file size 3MB (3.55mb)26 IBC cc.6 Fig-Tab pdf format of 26_IBC_c_26_fig_tab.pdf
07 Chapter 7 pdf format of 07_CHAPTER_7.pdf
(292kb)27 Chapter 27 pdf format of 27_CHAPTER_27.pdf
07 IBC c[1].7 Figures Tables pdf format of 07_IBC_c[1]_7_fig_tab.pdf
file size 3MB (3.59mb)28 Chapter 28 pdf format of 28_CHAPTER_28.pdf
07 IBC c.7 Figures Table pdf format of 07_IBC_c_7_fig_tab.pdf
file size 3MB (3.62mb)29 Chapter 29 pdf format of 29_CHAPTER_29.pdf
08 c8 Table pdf format of 08_C8_TABLE.pdf
(54k)30 Chapter 30 pdf format of 30_CHAPTER_30.pdf
08 Chapter 8 pdf format of 08_CHAPTER_8.pdf
(38kb)31 Chapter 31 pdf format of 31_CHAPTER_31.pdf
09 c9 Table 907.2.8 pdf format of 09_C9_TABLE_907_2_8.pdf
(22kb)32 Chapter 32 pdf format of 32_CHAPTER_32.pdf
09 c9 Table 910.3 pdf format of 09_C9_TABLE_910_3.pdf
(65kb)3333 c.33 Table pdf format of 3333_C33_TABLE.pdf
09 Chapter 9 pdf format of 09_CHAPTER_9.pdf
(320)33 Chapter 33 pdf format of 33_CHAPTER_33.pdf
10 c10 Tables pdf format of 10_C10_TABLES.pdf
(294kb)33 IBC c.33 Fig-Tab pdf format of 33_IBC_c_33_fig_tab.pdf
10 Chapter 10 pdf format of 10_CHAPTER_10.pdf
(195kb)3408 Table and Figure 5-3-07 pdf format of 3408_table_and_figure_5_3_07.pdf
11 Chapter 11 pdf format of 11_CHAPTER_11.pdf
(93kb)3434 c34 Figure and Table pdf format of 3434_C34_FIGURE_AND_TABLE.pdf
120c IBC APPDX 120.C pdf format of 120C_IBC_APPDX_120_C.pdf
(92kb)34 Chapter 34 pdf format of 34_CHAPTER_34.pdf
120H Tables 120H 4-A and 4-B pdf format of 120H_TABLES_120H_4_A_and_4_B.pdf
(15kb)34 Figure3408-1 5-3-07 pdf format of 34_Figure3408_1_5_3_07.pdf
120I Tables 120.I107XX pdf format of 120I_TABLES_120_I107XX.pdf
(31kb)34 Table3408 pdf format of 34_Table3408.pdf
120J Figures 120.J107.3 and 108.1-9-28-7 pdf format of 120J_FIGURES_120_J107_3_AND_108_1_9_28_07.pdf
(20kb)35 c35 LAC Updates only-5-1-07 pdf format of 35_C35_LAC_Updates_only_5_1_07.pdf
120U APPENDIX 120.U pdf format of 120U_APPENDIX_120_U.pdf
(788kb)35 Chapter 35 pdf format of 35_CHAPTER_35.pdf
file size 1MB (1.12mb)
120v APPENDIX 120.V pdf format of 120V_APPENDIX_120.V.pdf
(21kb)36 Chapter 36-50 pdf format of 36_CHAPTERS_36_50.pdf
120W APPENDIX 120.W pdf format of 120W_APPENDIX_120_W.pdf
(788kb)37 780 CMR 110.R1 pdf format of 37_780_ CMR_110_R1.pdf
120X APPENDIX 120.X pdf format of 120X_APPENDIX_120_X.pdf
(861kb)38 780 CMR 110.R2 pdf format of 38_780_CMR_110_R2.pdf
120Y APPENDIX 120.Y pdf format of 120Y_APPENDIX_120_Y.pdf
(14kb)39 780 CMR 110.R3 pdf format of 39_780_CMR_110_R3.pdf
120Z APPENDIX 120.Z pdf format of 120Z_APPENDIX_120_Z.pdf
(14kb)40 780 CMR 110.R4 pdf format of 40_780_CMR_110_R4.pdf
120.P ADD This Energy Form-9-28-07 pdf format of 120_P_ADD_THIS_ ENERGY_FORM_9_28_07.pdf
(124kb)41 780 CMR 110.R5 pdf format of 41_780_CMR_110_R5.pdf
12 Chapter 12 pdf format of 12_CHAPTER_12.pdf
(46kb)42 780 CMR 110.R6 pdf format of 42_780_CMR_110_R6.pdf
1313 C13 Tables pdf format of 1313_C13_TABLES.pdf
file size 1MB (1.02mb)43 780 CMR 110.R7 pdf format of 43_780_CMR_110_R7.pdf
13 Chapter 13 pdf format of 13_CHAPTER_13.pdf
(380kb)44 APPENDIX A pdf format of 44_APPENDIX_A.pdf
1414 C14 Tables pdf format of 1414_C14_TABLES.pdf
(112kb)45 APPENDIX B pdf format of 45_APPENDIX_B.pdf
14 Chapter 14 pdf format of 14_CHAPTER_14.pdf
(58kb)n46 APPENDIX 120.C pdf format of 46_APPENDIX_120_C.pdf
1515 C15 Tables pdf format of 1515_C15_TABLES.pdf
file size 1MB (1.45mb)47 APPENDIX 120.D pdf format of 47_APPENDIX_120_D.pdf
15 Chapter 15 pdf format of 15_CHAPTER_15.pdf
(66kb)48 APPENDIX 120.E pdf format of 48_APPENDIX_120_E.pdf
1616 c16 Tables pdf format of 1616_C16_TABLES.pdf
(345kb)49 APPENDIX 120.F pdf format of 49_APPENDIX_120_F.pdf
16 Chapter 16 pdf format of 16_CHAPTER_16.pdf
(727kb)50 APPENDIX 120.G pdf format of 50_APPENDIX_120_G.pdf
16 Chapter 16 SAC Table9 5 2 2 rev 4-27-06 pdf format of 16_CHAPTER_16_SAC_Table9_5_2_2_rev_4_27_06.pdf
(79kb)51 APPENDIX 120.H pdf format of 51_APPENDIX_120_H.pdf
16 Chapter 16 SAC Table 16xx xx Spectral Acceleration Coefficients 1_31_07 pdf format of 16_Chapter_16_SAC_Table_16xx_xx_Spectral_Accelerat
(225kb)52 APPENDIX 120.I pdf format of 52_APPENDIX_120_I.pdf
16 Tables1604 pdf format of 16_TABLE1604.pdf
(186kb)53 APPENDIX 120.J pdf format of 53_APPENDIX_120_J.pdf
17 Chapter 17 pdf format of 17_CHAPTER_17.pdf
(70kb)54 APPENDIX 120.K pdf format of 54_APPENDIX_120_K.pdf
1818 c18 Tables pdf format of 1818_C18_TABLES.pdf
(278kb)55 APPENDIX 120.L pdf format of 55_APPENDIX_120_L.pdf
18 Chapter 18 pdf format of 18_CHAPTER_18.pdf
(373kb)56 APPENDIX 120.M pdf format of 56_APPENDIX_120_M.pdf
19 Chapter 19 pdf format of 19_CHAPTER_19.pdf
(85kb)57 APPENDIX 120.N pdf format of 57_APPENDIX_120_N.pdf
20 Chapter 20 pdf format of 20_CHAPTER_20.pdf
(903kb)58 APPENDIX 120.O pdf format of 58_APPENDIX_120_O.pdf
21 Chapter 21 pdf format of 21_CHAPTER_21.pdf
file size 2MB (2.5mb)59 APPENDIX 120.P pdf format of 59_APPENDIX_120_P.pdf
22 Chapter 22 pdf format of 22_CHAPTER_22.pdf
(379kb)60 APPENDIX 120.Q pdf format of 60_APPENDIX_120_Q.pdf
23 Chapter 23 pdf format of 23_CHAPTER_23.pdf
file size 4MB (4.81mb)61 APPENDIX 120.R pdf format of 61_APPENDIX_120_R.pdf
23 IBC 2004 Supplement pdf format of 23_IBC_2004_SUPPLEMENT.pdf
(635kb)62 APPENDIX 120.S pdf format of 62_Appendix_120_S.pdf
23 Table 2306 pdf format of 23_TABLE_2306.pdf
(71kb)63 APPENDIX 120.T  pdf format of 63_APPENDIX_120_T.pdf
23 Table 2306.3.1a and .1b pdf format of 23_TABLE_2306_3_1a_and_1b.pdf
(67kb)9888 IFC and IMC Referenced pdf format of 9888_IFC_AND_IMC_REFERENCED.pdf
23 Table 2306 3 1SPF 3rd Draft pdf format of 23_Table_2306_3_1SPF_3rd_Draft.pdf
23 Table 2306 4 1a and 1b pdf format of 23_TABLE_2306_4_1a_and_1b.pdf

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