• 1926.1 pdf format of 29cfr1926.1.pdf
txt format of                             1926_1.txt                Purpose and scope
  • 1926.20 pdf format of 29cfr1926.20.pdf
txt format of                             1926_20.txt                General safety and health provisions
  • 1926.21 pdf format of 29cfr1926.21.pdf
txt format of                             1926_21.txt                Safety training and education
  • 1926.23 pdf format of 29cfr1926.23.pdf
txt format of                             1926_23.txt                First aid and medical attention
  • 1926.24 pdf format of 29cfr1926.24.pdf
txt format of                             1926_24.txt                Fire protection and prevention
  • 1926.25 pdf format of 29cfr1926.25.pdf
txt format of                             1926_25.txt                Housekeeping
  • 1926.26 pdf format of 29cfr1926.26.pdf
txt format of                             1926_26.txt                Illumination
  • 1926.27 pdf format of 29cfr1926.27.pdf
txt format of                             1926_27.txt                Sanitation
  • 1926.28 pdf format of 29cfr1926.28.pdf
txt format of                             1926_28.txt                Personal protective equipment
  • 1926.34 pdf format of 29cfr1926.34.pdf
txt format of                             1926_34.txt                Means of egress
  • 1926.35 pdf format of 29cfr1926.35.pdf
txt format of                             1926_35.txt                Employee emergency action plans
  • 1926.50 pdf format of 29cfr1926.50.pdf
Medical services and first aid
  • 1926.51 pdf format of 29cfr1926.51.pdf
txt format of                             1926_51.txt                Sanitation
  • 1926.52 pdf format of 29cfr1926.52.pdf
txt format of                             1926_52.txt                Occupational noise exposure
  • 1926.100 pdf format of 29cfr1926.100.pdf
txt format of                             1926_100.txt                Head protection
  • 1926.101 pdf format of 29cfr1926.101.pdf
txt format of                             1926_101.txt                Hearing protection
  • 1926.102 pdf format of 29cfr1926.102.pdf
txt format of                             1926_102.txt                Eye and face protection
  • 1926.103 pdf format of 29cfr1926.103.pdf
txt format of                             1926_103.txt                Respiratory protection
  • 1926.104 pdf format of 29cfr1926.104.pdf
txt format of                             1926_104.txt                Safety belts, lifelines, and lanyards
  • 1926.105 pdf format of 29cfr1926.105.pdf
txt format of                             1926_105.txt                Safety nets
  • 1926.150 pdf format of 29cfr1926.150.pdf
txt format of                             1926_150.txt                Fire protection
  • 1926.151 pdf format of 29cfr1926.151.pdf
txt format of                             1926_151.txt                Fire prevention
  • 1926.152 pdf format of 29cfr1926.152.pdf
txt format of                             1926_152.txt                Flammable and combustible liquids
  • 1926.154 pdf format of 29cfr1926.154.pdf
txt format of                             1926_154.txt                Temporary heating devices
  • 1926.200 pdf format of 29cfr1926.200.pdf
txt format of                             1926_200.txt                Accident prevention signs and tags
  • 1926.201 pdf format of 29cfr1926.201.pdf
txt format of                             1926_201.txt                Signaling
  • 1926.202 pdf format of 29cfr1926.202.pdf
txt format of                             1926_202.txt                Barricades
  • 1926.301 pdf format of 29cfr1926.301.pdf
txt format of                             1926_301.txt                Hand tools
  • 1926.302 pdf format of 29cfr1926.302.pdf
txt format of                             1926_302.txt                Power-operated hand tools
  • 1926.303 pdf format of 29cfr1926.303.pdf
txt format of                             1926_303.txt                Abrasive wheels and tools
  • 1926.304 pdf format of 29cfr1926.304.pdf
txt format of                             1926_304.txt                Woodworking tools
  • 1926.450 pdf format of 29cfr1926.450.pdf
txt format of                             1926_450.txt                Scope, application and definitions applicable to this subpart
  • 1926.451 pdf format of 29cfr1926.451.pdf
txt format of                             1926_451.txt                General requirements
  • 1926.452 pdf format of 29cfr1926.452.pdf
txt format of                             1926_452.txt                Additional requirements applicable to specific types of scaffolds
  • 1926.453 pdf format of 29cfr1926.453.pdf
txt format of                             1926_453.txt                Aerial lifts
  • 1926.454 pdf format of 29cfr1926.454.pdf
txt format of                             1926_454.txt                Training requirements
  • 1926.500 Scope, application, and definitions applicable to this subpart
  • 1926.501 pdf format of 29cfr1926.501.pdf
txt format of                             1926_501.txt                Duty to have fall protection
  • 1926.502 pdf format of 29cfr1926.502.pdf
txt format of                             1926_502.txt                Fall protection systems criteria and practices
  • 1926.503 pdf format of 29cfr1926.503.pdf
txt format of                             1926_503.txt                Training requirements
  •   Appendix A pdf format of 29cfr1926mappa.pdf
Appendix A to Subpart M of Part 1926--Determining Roof Widths
  • Appendix B pdf format of 29cfr1926mappb.pdf
Appendix B to Subpart M of Part 1926--Guardrail Systems
  • Appendix C pdf format of 29cfr1926mappc.pdf
Appendix C to Subpart M of Part 1926--Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Appendix D pdf format of 29cfr1926mappd.pdf
Appendix D to Subpart M of Part 1926--Positioning Device Systems
  • Appendix E pdf format of 29cfr1926mappe.pdf
Appendix E to Subpart M of Part 1926--Sample Fall Protection Plan
  • 1926.851 pdf format of 29cfr1926.851.pdf
txt format of                             1926_851.txt                Stairs, passageways, and ladders
  • 1926.852 pdf format of 29cfr1926.852.pdf
txt format of                             1926_852.txt                Text Chutes
  • 1926.853 pdf format of 29cfr1926.853.pdf
txt format of                             1926_853.txt                Removal of materials through floor openings
  • 1926.854 pdf format of 29cfr1926.854.pdf
txt format of                             1926_854.txt                Removal of walls, masonry sections, and chimneys
  • 1926.855 pdf format of 29cfr1926.855.pdf
txt format of                             1926_855.txt                Manual removal of floors
  • 1926.856 pdf format of 29cfr1926.856.pdf
txt format of                             1926_856.txt                Removal of walls, floors, and material with equipment
  • 1926.1050 pdf format of 29cfr1926.1050.pdf
txt format of                             1926_1050.txt                Scope, application, and definitions applicable to this subpart
  • 1926.1051 pdf format of 29cfr1926.1051.pdf
txt format of                             1926_1051.txt                General requirements
  • 1926.1052 pdf format of 29cfr1926.1052.pdf
txt format of                             1926_1052.txt                Stairways
  • 1925.1053 pdf format of 29cfr1926.1053.pdf
txt format of                             1926_1053.txt                Ladders