The Board of Building Regulations and Standards, with the financial support of the state's gas and electric utilities, commissioned the Boston Society of Architects to develop a series of sample construction details in support of the commercial energy code. The Society's Exterior Envelope Committee established a task force of the following members, who developed the designs offered here.

Wagdy Anis, AIAShepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott, Task Force Chair
Mark Kalin, FAIA, FCSIKalin Associates, Inc.
Lance Robson, AIABuilding Envelope Technologies, Inc.
Keith SportackPace Representatives
Jeff Wade, AIAADD, Inc.
Steve RigioneBuilding Science Consultant

With general review by: 
Len Anastasi, CSILennel Specialties
Vince Camalleri, AIASimpson, Gumpertz and Heger
Ken Crocco, AIAArchiTech Consultin Inc., Chicago Chapter AIA
Richard Keleher, AIA, CSIShepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott
Don Klema, AIAKallmann McKinnell and Wood Architects
Joseph Lstiburek, PhD., P.E.Building Schience Corporation
Ned Lyon, P.E.Simpson, Gumpertz and Heger
Fred Nashed, AIAArchitectural Consulting Services
Oscar Padjen, AIAPadjen Architects, Inc.
Allan SchmaltzUnerectors, Inc.

The samples are intended for educational purposes only, and should not be incorporated directly into a design without careful consideration by the design professional. Certain assumptions were made about design conditions and other elements that could make the samples incorrect for some applications. Each sample set contains a narrative description of its assumptions, a discussion of advantages and disadvantages, and alternative materials that might be used. All materials discussed are generic, and no preference of one product over another is implied. Readers should not rely upon samples contained herein; responsibility for a suitable and workable design remains with the professional designer of record.

Design A pdf format of    inf_bbrs_brick_veneer_a.pdf  (Brick Veneer on Steel Stud Back-Up Wall, Continuous Insulation, Air Barrier Membrane)
Design B pdf format of    inf_bbrs_brick_veneer_b.pdf  file size 1MB (Brick Veneer on Steel Stud Back-Up Wall, Continuous Insulation used as Air Barrier)
Design C pdf format of    inf_bbrs_brick_veneer_c.pdf  (Brick Veneer on Steel Stud Back-Up Wall, Continuous Plus Stud Wall Insulation)
Design D pdf format of    inf_bbrs_brick_veneer_d.pdf  file size 1MB (Brick Veneer on Concrete Block Back-Up Wall, Continuous Insulation Only)
Design E pdf format of    inf_bbrs_brick_veneer_e.pdf  (Single-Wythe Concrete Block Wall, Continuous Insulation Only)
Design F pdf format of    inf_bbrs_brick_veneer_f.pdf

(Vented Rainscreen Metal Panels, Continuous Insulation, Air/Vapor Barrier, Steel Stud Back-Up Wall.)