The Board of Elevator Regulations regulates the construction, installation, alteration and operation of all elevators in Massachusetts. The term "elevator" includes moving stairways, dumbwaiters, moving walks, material lifts, vertical reciprocating conveyors, and dumbwaiters with automatic transfer devices, wheelchair lifts, automatic people movers and other associated devices that are commonly included within the elevator industry. All elevator constructors, maintenance men, repairmen, and operators must be licensed by the Board.

The Board is comprised of eight members who are appointed to serve by the Governor. The Board derives its authority from Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 143, sections 62-71G. Accordingly, the Board has enacted its own regulations which are codified in title 524 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations.

All elevators, except those in single family owner-occupied homes, must pass both an inspection and a practical test either annual or biennially.  An inspection is also required upon completion of any installation or alteration of an elevator including those located in single family owner-occupied homes.. Elevators that have been determined to be safe are indicated as such with a posted certificate. It is the owner's obligation to ensure that their elevators have been inspected. Applications for inspections can be obtained via the link below

Prior to contacting the Board with any questions, please review the FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") link below for further information. All applications, inquiries, or suggestions should be mailed to:

Board of Elevator Regulations
One Ashburton Place, Room 1301
Boston, MA 02108

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Elevator Study Commission

Notice of MeetingAgendaMinutes
  February 11, 2015  Cancelled  
NoticeAgendaMarch 27, 2015 Minutes
  Meeting Canceled
June 1, 2016 Notice pdf format of Elevator Study Commission Notice June 1, 2016June 1, 2016 Agenda pdf format of Elevator Study Commission Agenda June 1, 2016June 1, 2016 Minutes pdf format of Elevator Study Commission Minutes June 1, 2016

Elevators Weight 5 Years Test

Elevator load-weight tests are mandatory during yearly inspections as schedules below every 5 years in the 5 DPS Districts.  

Tewksbury District is being weight tested in 2015

Select District below to see list of cities and towns for each office.

Springfield pdf format of Elevator Springfield District OfficeJanuary 1, 2016January 1, 2017
Milford pdf format of Elevator Milford District OfficeJanuary 1, 2017January 1, 2018
Boston A pdf format of Elevator Boston District OfficeJanuary 1, 2018January 1, 2019
Boston B pdf format of Elevator Boston District OfficeJanuary 1, 2019January 1, 2020
Tewksbury pdf format of Elevator Tewksbury District OfficeJanuary 1, 2020January 1, 2021

Elevator Forms & Applications

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Elevator Contractor Registration Application docx format of Elevator Contractor Registration Application 2016  

Application for Elevator Mechanic License pdf format of Application for Elevator Mechanic License  

Elevator Mechanic License Renewal pdf format of request_for_duplicate_renewal_form.pdf

Application for Elevator Operator License pdf format of Application for Elevator Operator License  

Elevator Operator License Renewal pdf format of request_for_duplicate_renewal_form.pdf


Pre-Inspection Checklist for New Elevator Installations and Modernizations doc format of Pre-Inspec Checklist for Elev Install & Mod R3.2013  

Application for Annual Elevator Inspection and Firefighter Service Overtime (printable) pdf format of Application for Elevator Annual Test Fire Service OT

Application for Annual Elevator Inspection and Firefighter Service Overtime (electronic) docx format of Application for Annual Test & Fire Service OT (Elect)

Application for Elevator Overtime Inspection, 30 Day Temporary Inspection or Placard Removal Inspection doc format of Application for Elev OT, 90 Day Temp or Placard Removal  

Application for 90 Day Elevator Re-Inspection docx format of Application for Elevator 90 Day Re-Inspection

Application for 90 Day Procedure Extension doc format of 90 Day Elev Extension Request Revised August 2015

Request for Decommission Inspection docx format of Decommission Inspection Request Elev R3.2013

Elevator Forms

Elevator Work Order Notice of Completion  doc format of Notice of Completion Elevator Work Order

Petition for Variance/Relief doc format of Petition for Elevator Variance, Relief, Interpretation

Petition for Product Variance doc format of Petition for Elevator Product Variance

Appeal from Board of Elevator Regulations pdf format of Appeal from Board of Elevator Regulations

Elevator Contractor Complaint Form doc format of Elevator Contractor Complaint Form

Elevator Fee Waiver Request Form doc format of Elevator Request for Fee Waiver

Elevator Permit Fee Refund Request doc format of Request for Elevator Permit Fee Refund

Notice of New Elevator Service Contract docx format of Notice of New Elevator Contract

Notice of Updated Elevator Owner Information docx format of Elevator Notice of Updated Owner Information

Notification of Hoist Elevator Removal docx format of Notification of Hoist Elevator Removal

Application for Registering Existing Elevator docx format of Application for Registering Existing Elevator

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Training Log pdf format of Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Training Log


Application for Permit for Elevator Construction, Installation, Material Change, Modernization, Alteration or Decommission docx format of Application for Permit - Elev Const, Install, Mat Chang

Application for Emergency Elevator Permit doc format of Application for Emergency Permit Elev R3.2013

Application to authorize purchase of emergency medical key pdf format of appl_elev_authorization_to_purchase_12_2011.pdf

Product Variance Decisions

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Product Variances  

Otis Elevator Product Variances

Schindler Elevator Product Variances

Kone Elevator Product Variances

Global Tardif Product Variances

Fujitec Elevator Product Variances

Contract Machining and Manufacturing Product Variances

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC Product Variances


Elevator Incident/Accident Report doc format of Elevator Incident Report

Firefighter Emergency Elevator Operation and Elevator Extrication Response doc format of Firefighter's Emerg Elev Oper & Extrication Response


Board of Elevator Regulations and Examiners

Members and Meetings


Stephen SampsonChair - Representing Department of Public Safety
Cheryl DavisMember - Representing Elevator Manufacturers
David GaudetMember -  Representing Building Owners
John O'DonoghueMember - Representing Department of Fire Services
David MorganMember - Elevator Constructor
Michael NicoloroMember - Building Official, Representing City of Cambridge
VacantBuilding Commissioner, Representing  City of Boston
VacantConsulting Engineer
VacantInsurance Company Representative

Board of Elevator Regulations Meetings



Jeff HalleyChair - Elevator Contractor
George DahlquistMember - Department of Public Safety
Walter ZalenskiMember - Department of Public Safety                                 
George RamianMember - Department of Public Safety
Bill BuckleyMember - Department of Public Safety

Board of Elevator Examiners Meetings

BER Official Interpretations and Advisories

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Board of Elevator Appeals

Members and Meetings

Current Member


Michael StratchanElevator Contractor
Andrea HuntManufacturing
Chris LongchampsBuilding Owners
Janet MooreConsulting Engineer
Anthony Leonard, Jr.Insurance
 Commissioner's Designee

Board of Elevator Appeals Meetings

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