The Board of Elevator Regulations regulates the construction, installation, alteration and operation of all elevators in Massachusetts. The term "elevator" includes moving stairways, dumbwaiters, moving walks, material lifts, vertical reciprocating conveyors, and dumbwaiters with automatic transfer devices, wheelchair lifts, automatic people movers and other associated devices that are commonly included within the elevator industry. All elevator constructors, maintenance men, repairmen, and operators must be licensed by the Board.

The Board is comprised of eight members who are appointed to serve by the Governor. The Board derives its authority from Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 143, sections 62-71G. Accordingly, the Board has enacted its own regulations which are codified in title 524 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations.

All elevators, except those in single family owner-occupied homes, must pass both an inspection and a practical test either annual or biennially.  An inspection is also required upon completion of any installation or alteration of an elevator including those located in single family owner-occupied homes.. Elevators that have been determined to be safe are indicated as such with a posted certificate. It is the owner's obligation to ensure that their elevators have been inspected. Applications for inspections can be obtained via the link below

Prior to contacting the Board with any questions, please review the FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") link below for further information. All applications, inquiries, or suggestions should be mailed to:

Board of Elevator Regulations
One Ashburton Place, Room 1301
Boston, MA 02108

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