Brief Description of License:
This license allows the holder to have charge of and operate a boiler or boilers, and have charge of and operate engines or turbines no one of which shall exceed one hundred and fifty horsepower, or to operate a first class plant under the engineer in direct charge thereof.

Who should have one?
Anyone who is in actual authority as the "Engineer-in-charge", of any boilers or boilers, or engines and turbines not exceeding 150 horsepower each, who is held responsible by the owners as well as the proper authorities for the daily operation and maintenance of the steam boiler, engines, and/or turbines. This person is also the person responsible for all persons operating these boilers, engines, and/or turbines.

What are the prerequisites?
To be eligible for examination for a Second Class Engineer's License a person must be a citizen or furnish proof of having filed a declaration of his intent to become a citizen of the United States; must furnish evidence as to his previous training and experience and must have been employed as an engineer in charge of or operating a steam plant or plants having at least one engine or turbine of not less than fifty horsepower for not less than 2 years or held and used an equivalent license in the United States Merchant Marine for two (2) years, or have held and used an equivalent license from another state for two (2) years or must have held and used a Third Class Engineer's License either as an engineer, assistant engineer, control room operator or a fireman for not less than one (1) year, or must be a person who has held and used a special license to operate a first class plant for not less than 2 years, except any person who is a United States citizen and served three (3) years as an apprentice to the machinist or boiler making trade in stationary, marine, or locomotive engine or boiler works and has been employed one (1) year in connection with the operation of a steam plant, or any person who has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from any duly recognized school of engineering, who has been employed for one year in connection with the operation of a steam plant. A strenuous written and oral exam must be passed.

How is this license obtained?
You must make application and successfully pass a written and oral exam.

Continuing Education:

Schools Approved by the Department


Application --- $150.00 ($150 non-refundable processing fee)