Q: When are examinations scheduled?

A: All engineering examinations are held during the last week of every month.

Q: Where are the examinations held?

A: Exams are held in four locations through out Massachusetts: UMass Amherst; Devens Conference Center; Holiday Inn Taunton Hotel; and Bunker Hill Community College. Every applicant will receive Notice to appear approximately two weeks prior to the exam.

Q: How long does it take to find out if I passed the examination?

A: Results are usually posted on this website within two weeks of the examination.

Q: Where can I find materials to study for the examination?

A: You should have received a cover letter with a list of study materials. You may also obtain information from our website at http://www.mass.gov/dps. Some study materials may be purchased at the State House Bookstore. The Department does not provide any study materials.

Q: How do I reschedule an examination?

A: If you are unable to attend an exam, you should inform the Department in writing or by email within 7 days of the examination stating the reason. The Department may reschedule you for the following month's exam date. If you are rescheduled by the Department you will be notified in writing by mail.

Mail to: One Ashburton Place Room 1301 Boston, MA 02108 Attn: Engineering Licensing Program or email: Maria.pereira@state.ma.us

Q: If I fail an exam when may I retest?

A: You may retest by reapplying with the department 90 days after the exam. You will be notified of your new exam date.

Q: I took my exam and passed. When should I receive my license in the mail?

A: If you passed an exam your license will be mailed approximately two to three weeks after the exam date.

Q: I submitted my license renewal and have not received anything. What should I do?

A: Please allow 30 days for processing. If 30 days have passed, please call the Cashiers' Office at (617) 727-3200 ext. 25246 to inquire.

Q: How will I receive my results?

A: For most licensing exams, applicants are issued an identification number and web address where they may retrieve the results when they sit for the exam. In order to receive your results, simply visit the website and enter your identification number. If you are an applicant for a construction supervisor's license, an engineering license, or a fireman's license, the results of your exam will not be posted on the web, but will be mailed to you directly.