Q: Do engineers and firemen who are not using their licenses have to take continuing education courses to renew their licenses?

A: Yes. Engineers and firemen who wish to keep their licenses, but do not wish to take continuing education courses to maintain an active license, may renew (pay the fee) and receive their licenses in "inactive" status. "Inactive" licenses cannot be used until the holder has met the continuing education requirements. See .

Q: I am an engineer/fireman, and I received my license a couple of years ago. It is going to be up for renewal. Can I satisfy the continuing education requirement by attending classes at the school I used when I first became licensed?

A: Yes, provided that the school has submitted the course to the Department and has received the Commissioner's approval. It is your responsibility to make sure that course you are taking has been approved. A list of schools and approved course is available at http://www.mass.gov/dps.

Q: Will college courses related to the field be counted as credit hours for engineer/fireman continuing education?

A: Yes, provided that the college course has been approved by the Commissioner. The intent is to ensure that operating engineers have been instructed in the most recent changes in the laws and industry safety trends and procedures. ALL courses must be approved by the Commissioner FIRST. If a course has not been approved, it will be counted toward your continuing education requirement.

Q: Are 1st Class Engineers exempt from continuing education classes?

A: No.

Q: Are "special" license holders exempt from continuing education classes?

A: No.

Q: If a 1st engineer teaches a class, will it count as credited hours for his or her continuing education requirement?

A: Yes. A 1st engineer teaching an approved class is participating in the class, and can therefore certify that he or she satisfied credits for the prescribed time. The 1 st engineer teaching an approved course will be registered with the Department, and will not be required to repeat the course he or she is instructing.

Q: Will the engineer/fireman continuing education courses be taught at different levels, i.e. a level for 1st engineers vs. a level for 2nd fireman?

A: Yes. However, an engineer must be taught by an instructor holding an equal or greater license.

Q: Will first aid and CPR classes be counted as credit hours?

A: No.

Q: Am I required to take a class not related to my job? For example, would a 2nd fireman working at a small heating plant be expected to take a class on turbines?

A: Yes, depending on the program you take.