Brief Description:

This license allows the holder to have charge of and or operate a particular steam plant not exceeding in the aggregate 250 horsepower, and no other.

Who should have one?

A person who desires to have charge of or to operate a particular steam plant may, if he files with his application for such examination a written request signed by the owner or user of the plants, be examined as to his competence for such service and no other and, if found competent and trustworthy, shall be granted a license for such service, and no other; provided, however, that no special license shall be granted to give a person charge of or permission to operate an engine over 50 horsepower, or a boiler or boilers exceeding, in the aggregate, 250 horsepower.

What are the prerequisites?

To be eligible for examination for a Special in Charge and to Operate a person must be a citizen or furnish proof to having filed a declaration of his or her intent to be a citizen of the united States; be at least 18 years of age and must have a written request signed by the owner or user of the plant.

How is this license obtained?

You must make application and successfully pass a written and or an oral exam.

Continuing Education:

Schools Approved by the Department


Application --- $100.00 ($100 non-refundable processing fee)

Renewal Fee - $90.00