Q: What are the Department's hours of operation?

A: 8:45a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Q: Do you accept cash or debit/credit cards?

A: No. We accept only checks and money orders.

Q: Who should I make the check out to?

A: The Department of Public Safety or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Q: May I drop off applications or other paperwork in person?

A: Yes. However, materials that are submitted in person are not processed the same day. They are not processed any faster than materials submitted by mail. Therefore, you are advised to submit applications and other paperwork by mail.

Q: Can I submit my application online?

A: Not at this time.

Q: May I fax my application to the Department?

A: No. The Department requires original documents unless specifically provided otherwise.

Q: Where do I call to reach the State Police?

A: The Department of Public Safety and the State Police are two separate agencies. The State Police can be reached by phone at (508) 820-2300. The State Police became a separate department in 1993 to consolidate State police activities. All police matters should be referred to the State Police.