Q: What is an air tank?

A: For purposes of certification by the Department of Public Safety, "air tanks" are any tank or other receptacle for the storing of compressed air at any pressure exceeding fifty pounds per square inch, except when attached to locomotives or street or railway cars or trackless trolley vehicles, or to motor vehicles for use in operating such vehicles or their brakes or body lifting apparatus. G.L. c. 146, §34.

Q: Is a license required to install, repair, or perform maintenance work on an air tank?

A: No

Q: When must air tanks be inspected?

A: Air tanks must be inspected internally and externally after initial installation and then once every two years.

Q: Are any air tanks excluded from the inspection requirements?

A: Yes, air tanks under 1 cubic foot capacity and tanks that have a safety valve set for less than 50 psi.

Q: How do I obtain a certificate of inspection for my air tank?


1. First, obtain a First Inspection Application at http://www.mass.gov/dps

2. Complete the front page of the application, including contact name and phone number of person requesting the inspection

3. Submit with the appropriate $50 inspection fee

4. Send the completed application along with the fee to the address indicated on the application

5. Following receipt of the application, a District Engineering Inspector will call you to arrange for the inspection.

Q: What is the insurance requirement?

A: There is no insurance requirement, however, if you do not have insurance, you are required to have your air tank inspected by the Department every 2 years