Brief Description of License:
This license allows the holder to have a regular place of business and to employ duly licensed people to perform refrigeration work.

Who should have one?
Anyone who has a regular place of business or who, by himself, or with other refrigeration technicians in their employ perform refrigeration work.

What are the prerequisites?
A person seeking a Refrigeration Contractor License must:

1. Have submitted a properly completed application with proper mailing AND home address, social security number.
2. Attached 1" x 1.25" photo to the application.
3. Provide documentation from employer that you have held and used a Massachusetts Refrigeration Technicians license for not less than 2,000 hours.
4. Provide documentation from an approved school that you have completed 100 hours of advanced refrigeration theory AND 100 hours of related Massachusetts electrical code training.
5. Submit a non-refundable application processing fee ($150)

How is this license obtained?
You must make application and successfully pass a written exam.


Application --- $150.00 ($150 non-refundable processing fee)

Renewal Fee - $75.00