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Past Events

Global Fight League: Latitude Sports Club/ Peabody, MA 9/15/2012

Granite Chin Promotions: Dorchester Armory/ Dorchester, MA 9/8/2012

Warrior Nation: Hu ke Lao Restaurant/ Chicopee, MA 8/24/2012  <>RESULTS</> pdf format of results_august_24_2012_msac

Dibella Entertainment: Gillette Stadium/ Foxboro, MA 08/12/2012

Cage FX: ROX Stadium/ Brockton, MA 8/11/2012

Premier FC: Log Cabin/ Holyoke, MA 8/3/2012

Cage Titans: Memorial Hall/ Plymouth, MA 07/27/2012

Premier FC, Holyoke, MA 7/8/2012

Battle Xtreme, Springfield, MA 6/16/2012

Cage FX, Plymouth, MA 6/9/2012

DiBella Entertainment: House of Blues, Boston, MA 5/24/2012

Premier FC, Holyoke, MA 5/20/2012

Granite Chin Promotions, Dorchester, MA 5/19/2012

Warrior Nation, Chicopee, MA 4/20/2012

AFO, Mansfield, MA 4/13/2012

Premier FC, Holyoke, MA 4/1/2012

CageFX, Plymouth, MA 3/17/2012

Cage Titans FC, Plymouth, MA 1/28/2012

Victory Promotions, Lowell, MA 11/12/2011

AFO, Mansfield, MA 10/7/2011

AFO, Revere, MA 9/16/2011

Cage Titans FC, Plymouth, MA 9/10/2011

DiBella Entertainment, Worcester, MA 8/20/2011

AFO, Mansfield, MA 8/20/2011

Premier FC, Springfield, MA 7/31/2011

CageFX, Dorchester, MA 7/23/2011 pdf format of july_23_updated_fight_card.pdf
file size 1MB

Warrior Nation, Chicopee, MA 7/23/2011 pdf format of camp_07-23-11.pdf

Southside Promotions, Dorchester, MA 7/16/2011

AFO, Revere, MA 7/15/2011

AFO, Holyoke, MA 6/25/2011

Cage Titans FC, Boston, MA 6/25/2011

World Championship Fighting, Wilmington, MA 6/18/2011

AFO, Mansfield, MA 6/17/2011

CAGEFX, Plymouth, MA 5/21/2011

Paul Vandale Promotions, Worcester, MA 5/20/2011

Paxton Promotions, Worcester, MA 5/20/2011

CAGEFX, Dorchester, MA 5/14/2011

AFO, Fall River, MA 5/6/2011

CAGEFX, Dorchester, MA 4/23/2011

AFO, Mansfield, MA 4/22/2011

AFO, Dorchester, MA 4/16/2011

Victory Promotions, Lowell, MA 4/15/2011

Premier FC, Amherst, MA 4/9/2011

Full Force, Revere, MA 4/2/2011 **CANCELLED**

Cage Titans, Dorchester, MA 4/1/2011

CAGEFX, Plymouth, MA 3/12/2011

USX MMA, Billerica, MA 3/11/2011 **CANCELLED**

AFO, Mansfield, MA 3/4/2011

Warrior Nation, Chicopee, MA 2/19/2011 **CANCELLED**

Premier FC, Springfield, MA 2/5/2011

Cage Titans, Randolph, MA 1/28/2011

AFO, Mansfield, MA 1/8/2011

Boys & Girls Club of Holyoke, Holyoke, MA 11/27/2010

AFO, Mansfield, MA 11/24/2010

CAGEFX, Plymouth, MA 11/13/2010

Tournament of Champions, Tyngsborough, MA 11/6/2010

Cage Titans, Randolph, MA 11/5/2010

Premier FC, Chicopee, MA 10/10/2010

Reality Fighting: Eruption- Plymouth, MA 10/9/2010

AFO, Mansfield, MA 10/8/2010

Tournament of Champions, Tyngsborough, MA 9/25/2010

Premier FC, Springfield, MA 9/11/2010

UFC 118: Edgar vs. Penn 2 Boston, MA 8/28/2010

CAGEFX, Brockton, MA 8/14/2010

Reality Fighting: Ignition Plymouth, MA 7/17/2010

AFO- Mansfield, MA 6/25/2010

WCF 10- Wilmington, MA 6/11/10

Moosin- Worcester, MA 5/21/10

Bellator Fighting Championships 17- Boston, MA 5/6/2010

AFO- Plymouth, MA 4/24/2010

XCFL- Lowell, MA 3/26/2010