Any person who is aggrieved by an interpretation, order, requirement, direction or failure to act by any state or local agency or official charged with the administration or enforcement of the State Building Code (780 CMR) or any of its rules and regulations, may file an appeal with the Building Code Appeals Board. The Board is comprised of the members of the Board of Building Regulations and Standards  (BBRS) who sit in three member panels to hear the appeals. The Board generally meets bi-weekly at The Paul A. Dever State School pdf format of inf_directions_dps_training building_taunton.pdf
(11kb). Appeals must be filed with the Board within 45 days of the order or directive at issue. The Board does not have jurisdiction over zoning issues or matters involving any of the specialized codes (AAB, electrical, plumbing, etc.).

In order to file an appeal, please click on the "Appeal Application" link below and print out the application. The form includes filing instructions and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Three copies of the completed application and notice of service, and a check for the $150 filing fee made out to the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts" should be forwarded to:

Department of Public Safety
Building Code Appeals Board
One Ashburton Place, room 1301
Boston, MA 02108

A copy of the completed application must be properly served upon the individual who issued the subject order. Hearings on properly filed appeals are generally heard within 90 days of receipt.