Most tramway licenses expire December 1 st and in order to review and approve your application by the expiration of your current license, the Recreational Tramway Board requests that applications be submitted by October 30 th. Please complete the forms below as part of your application:

A certificate of insurance demonstrating a minimum coverage of $1 million per occurrence as well as the licensing fee is required as part of your application. Please note that incomplete applications will not be processes and a license will not be issued.

Tramway Incident

In the case of a reportable tramway incident the Board and the State Police must be notified immediately. Within four days of the incident, the Accident Report Form must be completed and returned to the Board.

An incident is reportable when a person sustains an injury, an unintentional deropement or unplanned evacuation occurs, or when a fire or failure of electrical or mechanical equipment which results in the loss of control of the tramway occurs.

Recreational Tramway Construction

Before a tramway can be constructed in the Commonwealth, the Lift Construction Form must be completed and returned to the Board.

Variance Request

A ski area operator or tramway manufacturer may apply using the Variance Form to the Board for a variance if compliance with the 526 CMR 10.00 is "overly burdensome." It must be demonstrated that such variance "would not compromise public safety or otherwise undermine the purpose of 526 CMR 10.00." See 526 CMR 10.12.

All forms and applications must be submitted to the Board at the address below:

Department of Public Safety
Recreational Tramway Board
One Ashburton Place, Room 1301
Boston, MA 02113
FAX: (617) 248-0813