Thank you for visiting the Department of Public Safety (DPS) website.  DPS is a regulatory, licensing, inspection and code promulgating agency, charged with the oversight of numerous activities, businesses, and professions.  Additionally, DPS provides administrative and legal assistance to ten different boards and commissions.  Our goal is to ensure the safety of the public and to instill confidence in the safety of each of our regulated disciplines.  As an executive agency, DPS is managed by a Commissioner, who is appointed by Governor Baker. DPS reports directly to Secretary Bennett of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.

DPS is comprised of five Divisions, among them, the Building Division is responsible for issuing construction-related permits for state-owned projects and performing inspections thereof; the Engineering Division is responsible for inspecting pressure vessels, boilers, and other mechanical devices, and issuing certificates of compliance; the Elevator Division is responsible for issuing permits for new installations, and inspecting existing elevators, wheelchair lifts and similar devices; the Regulated Activities and Licensing Division is responsible for sanctioning boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) events, producing over 125,000 construction and related licenses each year, and licensing public warehouses.  The Architectural Access Board is responsible for assuring safe ingress and egress into, through and around public buildings and facilities for persons with disabilities.  Each division is staffed with a group of specifically trained qualified inspectors, along with a management and support staff dedicated to ensuring that the Commonwealth’s public safety needs are met.

For more information about DPS activities and areas of oversight, please return to the DPS homepage to access areas of interest.  There you will find pages containing license applications, related laws and regulations, information, and other documents and applications that you may need, or find helpful. If you don’t find what you need, or would like to speak to someone in person, please call us at 617-727-3200.