• Amusement Park Safety

    A link to the Department of Public Safety's Amusement website.
  • Background Check

    This section provides information on criminal offender record checks as well as information on how to check to see if there are registered sex offenders in your neighborhood.
  • Building Safety

    Links to sprinkler, elevator, boiler, construction and accessibility information.
  • Fire Safety

    This section provides information on the State Fire Marshal, the Office of the State Fire Marshal, DFS News and Events, Fire Data, the Fire Safety Education Program, Hazardous Materials Response, and Fire Investigations.
  • Identity Theft

  • Internet Safety

  • Massachusetts Child AMBER Alert

    An emergency alert system that helps recover abducted children.

  • Personal Safety

    Find detailed information on racial profiling and sexual and domestic violence.

  • Hate Crimes Reporting

  • Report an Emergency

    This section provides the Racial and Gender Profiling Hotline; Local Police Department phone numbers and websites; and Information regarding the Commonwealth's E911 system
  • Sex Offenders

    This topic area details how to obtain information on sex offenders, information for sex offenders and a list of wanted high risk sex offenders from the State Police.
  • Traffic Safety

    Find information on initiatives such as Click It or Ticket, Drunk Driving-Over the Limit-Under Arrest, and Road Respect as well as child passenger safety, teen driving safety, and more.
  • Madeline Amy Sweeney Award for Civilian Bravery