To receive CORI, organizations and individuals must submit an application to, and be approved by, the CHSB. CORI may be requested and provided for a wide variety of reasons. For example, individuals may request their own CORI, employers of certified agencies may request CORI on prospective employees or volunteers, and licensing boards may request CORI on applicants for certain licenses. Some applications will be reviewed individually by the Board, but many may be approved under a of access previously established by the Board.

Beginning Monday, March 12, 2012, the DCJIS will stop accepting CORI Certification applications. This change is necessary in order to transition to the new iCORI system that will be implemented on May 4, 2012.  All current CORI certifications have been extended through May 4, 2012. If your organization has a current CORI Certification, you will not be required to apply for re-certification.

Any agency which is not certified as of March 12, 2012, will be required to submit publicly accessible CORI requests.  Please click here pdf format of Changes to CORI Certification
for additional information

All CORI provided by the CHSB contains Massachusetts criminal history information only. If an agency or individual deems it is necessary to obtain CORI from another state, that state must be contacted by the requestor. For a list of out-of-state agencies that may be contacted for out-of-state CORI, go to the out-of-state contacts page.