Submitting CORI Requests

CORI check requests can be made via the iCORI Service using two different methods: single subject and batch file upload.

Single Subject Requests:

To submit a single subject request, you must do the following:

1.  Log in to the iCORI Service.

2.  On the iCORI home page, click the Add Request link at the top of the page.

3.  If your organization has more than one Account Type, the Add iCORI Request
     page will appear. Select the appropriate Account Type from the drop-down list and
     click the Continue button. The Add Single iCORI Request page will appear.

4.  Select the purpose for the CORI request from the drop-down list and then enter the
     information for the subject.

5.  If you have more than one CORI request to submit, click the Add & Request Another


     Click the Add & Checkout button to proceed to checkout.

Batch Requests:

You may also submit CORI requests via an iCORI Service batch upload process. Multiple names can be submitted through this process using either an Excel spreadsheet (version 2007 or earlier) or an ASCII text file.

Please review the iCORI – Batch Upload Specification document, available here pdf format of iCORI Batch Request Specifications
, for complete instructions on how to submit CORI requests using this method.