• Crime Prevention Package

    Continuing his efforts to reduce gun violence, strengthen public safety, improve delivery and reform operations of state government, Governor Deval Patrick filed several bills on May 6, 2009, May 7, 2009 and June 4, 2009 that are contained in his crime prevention package. The crime prevention package proposals tackle illegal gun use, sentencing reform for drug offenders, require post release supervision for offenders, enhanced employment opportunities for rehabilitated individuals with criminal records, creates two new criminal offenses to punish serious cases of domestic violence, allows victims and witnesses of rape, sexual assault, stalking, harassment and enticement of children under 16 to seek criminally enforceable protection orders and ensures broader notification of existing victims rights. Below are links to the bills, summaries, fact sheets and press releases for each proposal.

  • An Act to Reduce Firearm Violence

  • An Act to Prevent Crime and Reduce Recidivism by Increasing Supervision and Training Opportunities for Inmates

  • An Act to Enhance Public Safety and Reduce Recidivism by Increasing Employment Opportunities

  • An Act To Protect And Enhance The Rights Of Victims And Witnesses Of Crime